Illawarra District, Australia, October 26, 2013.
Life Carrier Orion.
Subject: “Our Near Endless Journey.”

Received by George Barnard.

Orion: “There is no such thing as total perfection on the time-space worlds, even in morontia life, or the angelic realm. Total perfection can only be found on Paradise and in part on the ‘constructed’ spheres. All other life beyond the center of all is at best sub-perfect. We, your friendly Life Carriers, are not perfect, but we intend to become perfected beings. In our work we always intend to help create human beings that will become as perfect as possible.

“It is often said that the journey is of more importance than the destination. And so it is for Life Carriers. Our hundreds and hundreds of journeys to and from the diverse planets is what we do for eons of time. We do the work for which we were created to eventually gain a Fragment of the Creator Father and join you all on Paradise in the far distant future. We are psychologically equipped to not grow impatient with our task, but to enjoy its extreme diversity.

“Does this answer your question?”

George: “It does, but there is always tomorrow and more tomorrows.”

Orion: “That answer is clearly indicative of our near endless journey (he is joking). In keeping with your journey towards perfection, you are given many masters to serve. You must take excellent care of your physical body with the right nutrition, adequate rest, and suitable reversion. As well, you may have others to care for. On top of all that it is expected of you that you take care of your emotional and spiritual requirements, the latter, at least, in a religious sense.

“In the decades to come you are, personally and as a group, going to become more aware of the wonderful nutrition and natural preventative medicines that are available on the continents. When you think of our work as instigators of new life all over your planet, you are very likely to think of the animal species to which you are more closely related, and overlook the untold man hours, years, eons we spent on cultivating the vegetation you require to survive.

“We look down in horror at the forms of medicines in pills and droughts you are meant to swallow in order to combat your illnesses. Indeed, anything you may require to heal is available in natural form. It is important for you to discover why certain diets in certain places tend for the people to become obese, and why certain diets in other places allow the population to remain slim, or report only few cases of heart attacks or dementia.”

“As the treatment of illnesses becomes more and more costly for larger and larger portions of the population, there will be a rush to discover more natural medicines. Make sure that you support these efforts. That is all from us for now. We leave you our love.”

George: “Thank you Master. Your message will be passed on.”

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