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Urantia, April 30, 2012.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Perception.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Allow the words to flow. They seem to arrive out of thin air, as you perceive them. This is what our subject is all about – perception – letting the words form in your mind. Mortals are endowed with responsiveness to the sixth sense, depending in measure on how much thought is given to the inner life, spirituality and eternity, but only to the degree one refuses to get bogged down in the outer material world with its worries and concerns.

“How much better off you all would be if each of you would develop this inner sense of perception as this relates to your spirituality. Many superstitions and pre-conceived opinions would fall by the wayside. Mortals would increasingly discover the truth which resides in each human being in the form of the Thought Adjuster. This Spark from the Creator God resides within each of you, helping all you thinking mortals attain a measure of truth for yourselves as it exists for each one. In this way, each human being can perceive part of the truth as this truth is ever enlarging as it exists in the Being who gave life to you all. Is this not preferable to the spoon-fed, worn-out belief systems and superstitions of old?

“Over time, perception becomes a knowing as perception has an increasing influence over the faith of the individual. This is the perception that ‘something additional to the self’ exists within you, and this will become a personal conviction which no one can take away. This knowingness is the surety which evolves over time when more time is given to develop that sixth sense. It can even be applied to all areas in life.

“At times mere belief systems become so strong and so solidly embedded in the human psyche, that there simply is no room to entertain different thoughts. The windows of the soul now become so clouded over, even shuttered and closed down. Therefore no Light is able to penetrate, and eternal life no longer remains a possibility.

“It needs to be remembered that truth is ever enlarging the more one gives room to perception and truly takes responsibility for one’s own thoughts, so insights can arise which alter the human psyche forever with an enlarged truth which leads towards a greater love for one another.

“Growing humans are more inclined towards peace as this quality is deeply embedded in the human psyche and needs to be uncovered with a knowing that peaceful thoughts are the healthiest thoughts. Peaceful thoughts automatically embrace love for one another with the wonderful quality of mercy and forgiveness. Love is the willingness to ‘do good’ to others and forgiveness is divine when it is experienced without strings attached, which means that it is unconditional. A hidden joy will spring up in the human soul because of the freedom forgiveness brings.

Life can be so beautiful and become much easier when the psyche and the thoughts held in mind begin to produce a greater balance in the physical system. Perception then becomes increasingly used, which enlarges the understanding of life itself.

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