Chicago, US of A, September 21, 2013.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “You were born for Greatness!”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Teacher Prolotheos: “When you finally fuse with your Thought Adjuster, you become a being of a new order, you are then a celestial! You and your Spirit within will become a new being, resulting from the mysterious union between human and divine. Even the most capable authorities in the Universes are unable to discern the former contributors. They will perceive just one new being, surely inheriting from both human and divine attributes, but one single being. What happens at this fusion is simply that your commitment to be what God invited you to be was duly accepted, and you were destined to be one of the marvellous beings of a new order, especially designed by God, called Finaliters. Based on the potentiality that comes with every human being born in this time-space realm, it is perfectly acceptable to say that all present human beings ‘were born for greatness’.

“Being born for greatness does not mean personal glory for the aggrandizement of your ego. It rather means that you have been confirmed to have participated in one of God’s greatest enterprises ever heard of! The ultimate mission of the Finaliters is not yet fully revealed, and therefore not fully understood. It is enshrouded in the expected manifestation of God the Supreme and the appearance of God the Ultimate in a still distant future. Meanwhile, the Finaliters are kept in reserve, or serving on the worlds progressed to the stage of Light and Life – a glorious task indeed, but still very much below the extensive and replete training these ascending sons of God will be subject to for ages and ages.

“Most informed beings in Orvonton, our super-universe, believe that the ultimate assignment of the Finaliters will be in ministering to the fully evolved God the Supreme (alongside the Michaels, now Sovereigns of the Local Universes), on the worlds of the stupendous Outer Universes, now forming, and many times larger than, and well beyond, the now inhabited Grand Universe. That will bring such a divine momentum to God’s creation as never heard or seen before. As your records plainly state: ‘Neither eyes nor ears have seen or heard what God has prepared for those, who in love and obedience have answered His calling to perfection’. And that is a matter of fact, irrespective of the actual context in which it will appear.

“It has been noted that the Finaliters, now being mustered into the Corps of Mortal Finaliters – beings like you from the evolutionary worlds – are, in fact, spirits of the sixth stage. Although they have reached finite perfection, they are still not complete as beings. That should happen when they reach the seventh spirit stage, which many assume will occur concomitant with God the Supreme’s consummation, at which the Finaliters of this universe age will reach their ultimate state. This will not be a state of absolute perfection, but certainly of absonite perfection, mirrored in the perfection of the then fully personalized Supreme, the God of Evolution.

“Yes, each human being, although originating at the lowest existence of animal beings, later granted personality, are indeed destined to greatness – the glory of God – greatness that will extend even to the cycles of eternity! This glorious destiny does not nullify your free-will, not at all. In fact it is the harmonious encounter of two wills – your will and God’s will – that God indeed has a potential Finaliter Being to be manifested, but on you depends this realization – if you really want to be that being, personally idealized by God. In another words: If you, by making the final decision in this life that you want to be with God and like God in your creature condition, by following His will and with the assistance of your Adjuster, that greatness, will surely be your experience for eternity! I am Prolotheos, your celestial tutor, likewise entitled to achieve this glorious destiny.”

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