Urantia, October 12, 2013 (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Wait Before Me in the Silence.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Yes, wait before Me in the Silence, until you feel that holy hush enveloping you. You are then ready to receive further instructions of ‘you know not what’. It is in the fullest trust on your part, not knowing what to expect, that you come before Me, and this, child, is the exact subject about which I will teach you more. It is trust that can only grow, as you cannot see Me, and yet you hope that I will really be there.

“Human hope about the unseen God leads to faith, and eventually trust. This trust is not something that you acquire overnight. It is built, stone by stone, so to speak. A lot of doubt needs to be overcome. And still, often do you doubt and ask yourself: ‘Is this real?’

“I Am telling you now, child, that the more you trust in Me and listen to My Still Small Voice within you, the easier your trusting in Me becomes.

“Trust is not innate in humans on this small planet called Urantia. Eons ago this world suffered great betrayals and upheavals. It did so even long before the so-called fall of your Adam and Eve, the Material Son and Daughter, who were sent here to biologically uplift the creatures of this planet.

“The long ago time I am speaking of was ages before the days of Adam and Eve, when the System Sovereign, Lucifer, went astray and refuted the existence of the Eternal God. Your planetary Prince of that time, Caligastia, was easily swayed by Lucifer’s emissary, Satan, who was sent here especially for the purpose of winning over Caligastia and have him denounce God.

“Your olden records are not accurate, as the most important events were either not recorded, or later deleted from the translations.

“Further to the matter of trust: The people of that far distant time had barely developed the minds to think independently. Great confusion resulted, which is still being borne out today in your disparate belief systems. Had everything gone as planned, your planet would have been in a far better state than is the case right now. War would have been a thing of the past and most of the diseases, which presently run rampant on this planet, would long ago have been eradicated.

“This then is the aftermath due to lack of trust in the One Eternal God and His various agencies sent to help uplift the mortal races on the planets of time and space. We will touch on the subject of trust another time, but you need to know why suspicion has become such a spirit poison. Suspicion simply reflects a lack of trust.”

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