A Theory about Evolution/Creation – The Factors

Illawarra District, Australia, May 4, 2012.
Life Carrier Orion.
Subject: “A Theory about Evolution/Creation – The Factors.”
              (Reply to a question I needed to pose).

Received by George Barnard.

Orion: “We will discuss small steps in evolution and creation, and also your incomplete theory of the High Autistic as you know these individuals under the Humm-Wadsworth Temperament Scale. (* see notes below).

“The theory is correct, but correct to only a very small degree. It is correct that at a time when there is a greater need for individuals to work alone on fine detail tasks – those you sometimes call ‘the computer nerds’ – do accept for this being said in good humour – an increase in the number of these potential specialists is born. However, I want to show you that your increase is over-estimated, wrongly measured, because in prior years there were other projects for these High Autistic individuals to concern themselves with, such as fine art, perhaps the making of intricate lace that required tremendous patience, the production of clocks and watches, or the preparation of wooden printing blocks.

“Even so, I grant you that at this particular time there is a slight increase of those particular individuals. However, there is yet another factor to consider. Your way of life, with both men and women at work, and with children left more to their own devices, there is a tendency for this ‘high autistic’ aspect of the personality to come to the fore, to the foreground, simply because of their spending so much time alone. Your society’s way of life thereby promotes an increased high autistic content to the overall population.

“It is a complicated mix and you need to consider that only from On High your future is perceived ahead of time and adjustments can be, and are indeed made, to suit your progress in a direction in which your civilization is meant to develop.

“Overlooked by you, also, is the fact that your species is evolving, is developing as a group, and in fact becoming more intelligent through growth in numbers as well as being aided by communication.

“This is your friend, Orion. Stay with the mission.”

* Notes: Try not to be put off by Humm-Wadsworth terminology. Their temperament scale deals with the normal, whilst the terms are mainly borrowed from abnormal psychology. Humm-Wadsworth personality profiling allows impatient or lazy (I will own up) analysts a fast key-in to the patient’s character, so healing can begin.

Having re-read the message, it’s now totally clear to me. It’s just what I needed to hear! I had not been thinking much outside the box. To others, Orion’s message may not be all that clear.

So, putting this in perspective:
(1) There always were these kinds of personalities on this earth, but obviously, in our past, they were otherwise occupied.
(2) The High Autistic content is likely to come to the fore in children being left to their own devices in the home.
(3) Together with (2) we are becoming more intelligent as a group through increased numbers, improved communication, and natural evolution.
(4) “Creation” does (to a small degree only) allow for an increased number of particular personalities with respect to certain needs in a population’s developmental progress.

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