Urantia, September 20, 2013.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Matter of Priorities.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Let us expound on a lesson given to you some years ago. The lesson saw the light of day in a book you most cherish, The Guiding Light Within, which has already given solace to many readers, when the writings are taken to heart. Book knowledge is valuable only if it is taken in with heart discernment. This is the reason why prioritizing is so very important in taking the time and making room for the eternal Spark from God within, which has been gifted to all thinking mortals. And now I am for your edification and enlightenment divulging that the rate of sincere heart-felt prayers for the well-being of this beleaguered planet is truly abysmal. Life on this planet could be so very different with less concerns and less time spent on the mundane and especially hollow entertainment, which leaves the masses wanting for more spiritual sustenance for their under-developed souls.

“Think for a moment or two about what it is that you as universal citizens desire to take with you to your next level of existence. This pertains to prioritizing your time and making friends with your heavenly Guides within. They will always point you in the right direction; if you only take the time to turn within and learn to listen to that still small Voice. Your Thought Adjuster is ever so patiently waiting to hear your requests for help. Prayer is asking God, whereas meditation is listening to the answers from God. How will you learn to listen when you don’t take the time to make this most valuable connection in your heart of hearts? The benefits accrued are many, and so prized is the true value of taking the time now. This most needed and precious exercise will only become clear on the next levels of your eternal existence.

“And here I need to reiterate that once an individual spirit has been ‘set in motion’ at conception, it does not die; it only changes to become a higher form. However, this important fact is within your power to deny, mainly through neglect of not seeking to do Gods will and ways, which are always love and peace. The greatest Way-shower who ever graced this planet was and is the Ruler of this universe; and by now, most of you may have become aware of the fact that He was without defence, most unjustly and unfairly nailed to a cross some two thousand years ago. If in a quandary as to how to live a more peaceful life with rest in your souls, do study the life of Jesus, which is so beautifully retold in the Fifth Epochal Revelation: The Urantia Book. This tome truly is a collection of revelatory insights. Anyone can master its contents when a serious study is undertaken. Help for understanding is always forthcoming, when this is sincerely desired.

“Give this some thought and make the connection to the Creator your most important one. You will gain peace beyond understanding that your souls cry out for.

“It is all a matter of priorities.”

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