Urantia, December 21, 2012.
Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “Unfolding Love.”

Received by Lytske.

Mentor: “I have your attention now. It took me some time to convince you that a message from on High was forthcoming and that your Beloved had kindly consented to step aside. Your Thought Adjuster will let me have a few words which are meant for all the citizens of this beautiful garden planet – a beautiful place, but still lagging behind her sister planets due to the severity of the Lucifer Rebellion of over 200.000 years ago. Over this time, the rebellion has affected every form of life on this planet, especially in retarding the spiritual development of its humans.

“You might consider this to be a universe broadcast; a trial run to see how the inhabitants of this still troubled planet will grasp that the universe broadcast circuits were long ago severed to prevent other planets from being affected. These circuits are now slowly being reconnected. They will enable your citizens – those willing to listen with an open mind – to realize and accept clarification as to what it means to everyone that an influx of love is taking place, arriving in increasing waves for each one to partake of. If they are inclined to pass on this love, it will envelop the planet, bringing with it the highly beneficial vibrations of truth, beauty and goodness.

“You may wonder what the purpose of this could be. The purpose of this universe broadcast is to sound a loud wake-up call to all with an ear to hear and a mind to think and contemplate. This is to make possible and to enable the humans here to generate a more positive loving energy on the planet, which at present is steeped in unreasoned fear. It will soon be the season for celebrating the human birth of your universe Ruler, Michael. He is better known as Jesus of Nazareth, on this insignificant tiny orb in space, which was chosen from on High to become the crown jewel among almost ten million evolving inhabited planets. He came to show you and all inhabitants of all the other planets in his vast domain how to live and do the will of God, whom he named our Father in Heaven.

“This is a significant honor bestowed upon this little planet and in the coming years increasingly more love will be and needs to be expressed as you are all awakening to the realization that you are all one at your spiritual root-source, and therefore it behooves you all to learn how to unfold God’s love in your hearts. However, don’t keep it there. For love to grow, it needs to be shared and what better time than to start in the present. Let this be a New Year’s resolution for you all, to practice the love of God 24/7. This will help the planet to speedily take her rightful place among her sister planets and to be worthy of the high honor bestowed upon her. It has been so decided and so it will be.”

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We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.

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