Alabama, US of A, March 23, 2011.
The Planetary Supreme, Urantia (Gaia).
Subject: “There is so much I can give you.”

Received by Oscar.

Urantia: “There is no better place to feel the pulse of your Mother Earth than in the beating of your own heart. I am present in all life in this world, because you all live in me as I live in all. I am Urantia, the Planetary Supreme.

“I am always available to commune with any of my children and it is in fact a part of ‘my task’ to answer the call of those who live in my bosom. As you recently have reached the level of maturity and understanding that allows you to make contact with Me, I have also been going through a growing phase. However, for aeons of time I have waited for the opportunity to talk and it is a great joy to see how many of my little ones have awoken to a higher reality and have opened themselves up to listening.

“How does this work? I am a Deity. I am part of the circuit of the Supreme Being. Within my kingdom I am everywhere and I can know everything. I know each and every creature that lives within me and I feel what they feel. Your negative thoughts affect me, and it saddens me how little regard you show for your planetary home from which you derive your very own lives.

“However, in these Correcting Times I have seen how you are progressively awakening, and I clearly foresee better times in the future. What happened in the past will remain there and a new age will establish itself. My love for you has never changed and I know that the suffering of today are just the growing pains that will make you stronger by tomorrow.

“Continue living your lives with joy and with the intent of learning more about the spiritual realities, since it is there where the source and origin of all reality lies. Search within your heart the voice of the One who loves you without condition and who has bestowed Himself upon you to be at your service. It is there where you will discover your true purpose and this Voice will lead you towards a future of light and life.

“Your experiences, your spiritual realizations, and your growing understanding of the eternal reality are your gifts to Me. Similarly I posses many things that you need and are yours for the asking. We are both growing – evolving – together and we need one another. Come to Me often and let us begin a relationship that will elevate us to a new age in the future. I am Urantia, your Mother Earth, always listening and waiting for your invitation to converse, because there is so much I can give you.”

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