Illawarra District, Australia, June 14, 2013.
Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “Sincerity and Commitment.”

Received by George Barnard.

Spokesperson: “I belong to a group of five Mentori with whom some 11:11 members had conversations. I am known as, and you may refer to me as, the Spokesperson, although this is hardly because I am more well-spoken than are others. I am not. My expertise lies in my ability to ascertain what is expressed in myriad languages, and held in mind, thus retrieving from this the deeper meanings and sentiments. And yes, here you may rightfully conclude there to be better understanding in the morontia spheres, absolute clarity in the spiritual realms.

“This lesson is about sincerity and commitment, commitment and sincerity– two important virtues that go together and are vital to you in your progress in life on this planet and on the morontia worlds. It is correct to claim that the Creator knows your heart in the now, in the past, but in the future as well. By extension, your Thought Adjuster knows your past, present and future. However, a great number of other celestial personalities may be involved in your life, and they might well require reassurance in aiding you on your path.

“As much as your Teachers declare that for each of you there is a Teacher waiting in the wings, and you all to request regular lessons, you are not without care prior to making such a request. Indeed, further to your Destiny Guardians and Cherubim there are others with vested interests in your progress, because your development is also part of the progress of their lengthy pilgrimage to higher spheres. Do not underestimate the planning by many diverse sons and daughters of God in the nurture and education of all your (human) kind.

“Such minor teachers or student teachers, if you so prefer, are often passed-on relatives of mortals still living on the evolutionary planets. They may be unrelated, but always in need of knowing how committed and sincere their charges will be before they put their minds, energy, prayers and healing to the task of assisting their entrusted in their endeavors. Do you see the use for those evaluating the real commitment of a mortal’s future undertakings from their spoken words, body language, and general behaviors?

“Rather is it a waste of time for you to pray for those who have passed on, but it does not represent squandered energy for those on high to plan ahead for you. Of importance is it for you to grasp from this lesson that whatever you attempt in truth, beauty and goodness, you do so in the Creator’s name with all sincerity and commitment. In this fashion you will receive all manner of assistance from on high. Even more important will be the strong character that you will build. Our evaluations are meant to advance human progress, and they do.”

George: “Very well, I would see you as profilers at those tasks.”

Spokesperson: “Indeed! Not all education is initiated by the Thought Adjusters. Countless others ‘gain their stripes’ by instigating their well-thought-out programs and considered applications. We go now, our brother, and we leave you our love.”

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