Illawarra District, Australia, August 6, 2013.
One Without Name Without Number.
Subject: “An Invitation” (quite abbreviated).

Received by George Barnard.

One Without Name Without Number: “Thank you Dr. Mendoza, and please ‘stay on the line’.

“My dear human friend, so very long ago I too wondered what it would be like to be in a place where my feet could rest on solid matter (Paradise), and where time as I knew it would not exist. The concept of a timeless eternity was only partially within my capacity to imagine. It is correct for me to say that I am in this place, and yet it is incorrect for me to give you a length of time since my arrival. I am here now, and it is always ‘now’, yet I progress. Consider this.

“Consider now a human child just four months old throwing a toy out of its cot. You pick it up and return it to the child, but to him or her it is a brand new toy. ‘The other toy’, when no longer seen, did, and logically so, actually ceased to exist to the child’s mind. Only the exercise of countless disappearances and ensuing re-appearances will eventually prove to the child that there is continuation, and that the toy was never lost. It was simply unseen.

“Your game of peek-a-boo can become an eye-opener for those newly born in time-space. However, for those created on Paradise, it is a challenge to comprehend not so much the reality of time, but the lag in time between the sequences of events. They who have not yet experienced time-space, and they are myriad, may well understand cause and effect, but fail to grasp a lag of time in ‘strings of sequential events’. As the saying goes, ‘You had to be there.’

“Experiencing time by actually residing in time-space dimensions – and, naturally, serving the Father whilst there – is one of the dearest wishes of paradise creatures, and already they can observe events in time-space, but cause and effect are one, instantaneously. You too are capable of seeing events of the future, but you do so in cooperation with your indwelling Spirit Self, and on occasions you might do so in sponsored (aided) dreams.

“Much more difficult is it for you to in any way realize, comprehend, or ‘mentally touch on’ the concept of eternity – to dwell within an unending realm where time does not exist. Here the new spiritual being that is you will feel your very existence to be ‘marinated’ with an all-pervading happiness, a joy so difficult to describe, and here we will meet, the deeply committed friends that we are, and all those you wish to bring along, and we shall re-affirm our love for each other.

“Here in this timeless realm and with those of my order surrounding you, you shall slake your most ravenous thirst for knowledge, fulfill your greediest need for companionship, realize your greatest desire for sharing all that you entail, and gather the energy and drive to forward-plan your return to time space as a contributor in your fields of endless expertise. I am One Without Name, Without Number. May our love always reach across space and time, yes all ways to eternity.”

George: “We will surely meet in person. Au revoir, my Friend.”

Notes: To ‘shake hands’ with One Without Name, Without Number is to know all about him. That is why they need no name or number. You will know them totally. To communicate with him is to see an avalanche of events go by.

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