Illawarra District, Australia, July 6, 2013.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Samuel of Panoptia.

Subject: “Spiritual Opportunism.”

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “It is my humble self, doing the honors today, being part of a lesson by the Teacher from Panoptia, friend of our Aaron, and wise Administrator in his later years. For me it is a delight to facilitate these ‘inevitably two-way’ conversations in my favored home away from home. Ready when you are . . .”

Samuel: “This is your Teacher Samuel, my dear friends, and today I wish to converse with you about being opportunistic in matters spiritual. With your Planetary Prince’s agreement it is acceptable to strike a comparison between Panoptia’s circumstances and the difficulties and opportunities on your beautiful world. More can be achieved on Urantia with the same effort expanded as would be the case on my home planet, Panoptia.

“It is true that Panoptia like Urantia was counted among the 37 rebel worlds of the Lucifer rebellion, but in no way were they equally affected. Panoptia was advanced, with the human population in its totality, and the celestial population predominantly, remaining true to our Michael Son. Urantia was still very young, and had to consequently deal with great and varied unrests and set-backs as recorded in your text, even remembered by you through the ages.

“This is where I impress upon you, my brothers and sisters, the great advantage you have over normal worlds, even over the Panoptia humans of later times. Here on this world you do not have the stability and peace that truly marinated Panoptia of my days. You have unrest and war. You do not have the governance and openness of my planet. Instead you must deal with dishonesty of your leaders, deceit by the ‘money changers’, today, as it was in the Master’s time.

“Under these circumstances, considering the difficulties, living with such deplorable examples of those who should lead you, outright spiritual opportunism is at hand. Wherever you look there are chances to make good what is wrong, to heal what is broken and to uplift what is down. And even more so than today, such opportunities for spiritual progress will be greatly more abundant in the difficult years of shortages and control of your future troubled times.

“Your planet has abundance beyond the belief of many from other worlds. Your inability to share your treasures equally is the root cause of your unhappiness and strife, your illnesses and premature deaths, starvation and slavery, war and skirmishes. Be different. Be, and become more so, the spiritual opportunist that will coincidentally uplift others and progress your eternal souls by reaching out to those you will find in need.

“One day you will celebrate having been born on this planet of abundant spiritual opportunity in a maze of heart-rending difficulties. Thank you for giving me your close attention, both you and your Midwayer Friends, and I say goodbye to you all gathered here, from Aaron and I. This is Samuel the Panoptian.”

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