Lytske and I were organizing for a collection of some 350 as yet unpublished transmits to be numbered, edited for spelling mistakes, and formatted, when transmission #29 jumped out of sequence – a long way out of sequence. Surprisingly, it did so on two computers that are some thousands of miles apart – a mystery. Maybe ‘they’ want it listed now -- who knows what our Friends are up to -- so here it is …
God bless…

Urantia, July 11, 2013 (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Limitations.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Let me begin by stating that in all areas of life there are limitations. There are physical and mental limitations as to what anyone can do because of brain power. However, brain power can skillfully be developed through education, imagination, will-power, a willingness and a love for learning. This is always limited by the effort put into the struggle to understand more. Physical limitations present themselves through genetic irregularities and other accidents of time, or when something out of the ordinary happens like a lack of attention to safety resulting in an accident.

“For safety reasons there are also spiritual limitations put in place by divine decree, so the immature brain can safely evolve to a higher level. One does not give little children dangerous tools until they mature and are ready to handle these tools. Even so, it has been proven time and again that even a little knowledge can be dangerous as it shapes humankind’s vision to a narrower band than was intended.

“There have always been leaders and followers, but now the time has arrived when each human being needs to wake up and work on self-correction. In doing so, more insights will come as one begins to realize that to blindly follow has not always worked. The present state of affairs on this planet, in a word, has become quite backward of late. However, points of light are everywhere, and turning on.

“Even the cave mentality of lording it over others through war-mongering, usury and denigration of human rights, still runs rampant on the planet, and in more places, than you are aware of. This obviously places limitations on the collective progress of humanity. Therefore, it needs a spiritual awakening and a Time of Correction to help bring planet earth more into line with her sister planets in space, who, time wise, are further along in their evolution.

“It is up to those far-seeing men and women who dare to construct a new way of living in present day society; having a vision with far greater faith and trust in the almighty Creator God. They must dare to open their selves to the Indwelling Guide to learn about which direction to take and allow their selves to be guided by this Limitless Higher Power, rather than by their own puny willful thoughts! In aligning oneself with this Spirit Power, one will gain insights heretofore unknown on this planet.

“The time is ripe for such brave ones to place their limitations in the hands of the Limitless One;. The time is right for them to be guided through life, to learn to leave selfish interests behind because they shall learn to express the fruits of the spirit through unselfish loving service. They shall learn to tolerate one another, and be actively involved in the life of the spirit which involves effort, struggle, conflict, faith, determination, love, joy and progress. These courageous ones will discover that living to do the will of God with a happy heart is the way with the most love in it, as love knows no limitations, for it is the currency of creation.”

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