Urantia, September 29, 2012.
Teacher: A Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “The Spark of Life (and responsibility)” – Part Two.

Received by Lytske.

Mentori Spokesperson: “At first however, once one starts out to receive celestial messages, one inwardly knows that much ‘self-inflicted’ mindal static needs to be ignored before a good and clear reception can take place. This depends for the most part on the intent of the receiver, who might next up start to wonder where the information might be coming from. Much depends on the direction in which you have attuned your inner dial.

“So now we come to that all- important question you hold in your mind which is: ‘Who does provide the Spark of life?’ Well, you are quite familiar with the saying that ‘spirit is the lightest form of matter and matter is the densest form of spirit.’ Is your question along those lines, ‘how does a human come into being?’ The answer is short and sweet: It is the mightiest co-creative act humans can engage in when two people come together in the act of procreation. Still, unbeknownst to their selves there is always an invisible third Presence. And when a sperm and egg find each other, this invisible Third will provide the Spark of Life, if that is what God has planned, because nothing happens at random. Even before a child is conceived, the eternal Creator has a plan for that new beginning of another life set in motion by the Spark of Life and the complete blueprint for that beginning life is already in place.

“Many questions will materialize in the mind of humans everywhere, because of the state in which many children are born. Think rationally and ask yourself some deep questions, ‘What was the atmosphere even before the child was conceived? What were the circumstances? What was the mood of both parties at the time when a new life was conceived? What were the thoughts held in mind and inexorably produce after their kind? What was the level of love involved and what about respect for each other?’

“These questions and more will decide what child will be conceived and born. Please think and give the Source of the Spark of Life some thought so you may become more prayerfully aware of what it is that you are able to set in motion when you are so busily co-creating another human. Did you ever stop to think about the responsibility involved and about the level of respect for each other?

“Please ponder these matters more deeply and think of where your responsibilities lie when you ‘play with the Spark of Life.’”

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