Urantia, May 22, 2013.
The Beloved One.
Subject: “An Innate Urge.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Do remain in stillness a little longer as I desire to respond to your feelings towards the eternal Creator. You are at present willing to let down your guard to express your heartfelt feelings of adoration towards the Maker of heaven and earth. This is for you a strengthening as you clearly feel that ever-present innate pull and attraction towards Paradise, so your innermost feelings need to be expressed in a silent song towards the Creator of all that is -- visible and invisible. In times to come this and similar moments will have served to reinforce your belief in the goodness of God, despite circumstances seemingly to the contrary. When trouble comes it is so very easy to lose sight of the One who is at the helm, steering the affairs of the universe in the right direction.

“The first question in many minds is: ‘Why does God do this to me and allow all this to happen?’ These are familiar questions which so often arise in the human breast, forgetting that there have been previous signs of trouble looming on the horizon, but most humans are as yet complacent in their comfortable sleep. However, they need to have their wake-up calls to get themselves into gear for the day ahead. And so it is that there are early birds that sing their songs of joy at dawn, and others who lag behind in rallying their selves. However, the great secret embedded in all humans is this innate urge to wake up and start growing their spiritual roots, hopefully beginning in the mud of the earth, from which all life has evolved over time. More correctly stated: In the waters of the oceans of this planet. Humankind has an innate love affair with water, as nothing can exist without it. It is inborn in all things that live upon the earth.

“And so it is with this most important innate urge which is also embedded in all human beings with the capacity to worship, to return songs of thanksgiving to the One who provided them with the gift of life itself, and a precious mind to think and become a morally strong person with roots firmly embedded in the innate urge to eventually return as perfected beings with all their gifts, realized during their long ascension journey to the eternal Giver of all.

“This, in a nutshell, is why you are living this life, gifted with free will choice to create and evolve all the potentials in you, given you at conception as a tiny seed. That seed has the gift of an innate urge to evolve and grow into a strong replica and image of the seed Sower, whose offspring we all are. I am a true Spark, and I hail from the Ultimate Creator, who communicates these words to you, so all humans who chance to read these words, may know that they are likewise endowed with this gift of an innate urge to return as a completed being back to the God-head with a strong root-system of faith and trust grown in the soil of their planet of birth.”

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