Alabama, US of A, March 4, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Few Courageous Souls.” – (Part 3).

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “In a regular world, communication with Celestials is a common occurrence, almost a routine affair. The vast majority of various populations enjoys this experience, and is more spiritually receptive than you are. This is also subject to the kinds of brains the mortals on certain planets have. The ones with three brains are the most receptive, followed by the kind with two brains – as are the mortals of Urantia. Least receptive are those with one brain.

“In this world it is particularly difficult to develop faith in what cannot be seen or heard. Even whilst you are of the two-brained kind, your spiritual receptivity is almost nil. Few among you have managed to gather enough faith to ‘listen’ and believe they have heard. Since this phenomenon is rather rare those who listen are considered strange. The experience of listening is something that cannot be taught, because it is an individual and private experience; something that has to be tried and succeeded with in order to be comprehended.

“Now your sphere is being re-routed onto the normal path of evolutionary worlds. The number of humans who listen grows each day, and your children are being born with a greater ability to receive. In a very short time – compared to general world time lines – those who listen will be the majority and the phenomenon of communication with the Father and His ‘agents’ will no longer be a mystery, or a fantastic occurrence. The increase in the number of those who desire to know God on a personal level will be the impulse this world needs to establish the age of light and life.

“Those who have learned to listen in these times of doubt and confusion are the pioneers – the agondonters – whose faith is beyond normal. It is a great accomplishment for your future to have done this by your own means of overcoming your limitations. What you are doing will not even come close to what future generations will be able to achieve in this area of celestial communication. However, you can do plenty with your fragile faith and your desire to know more – your love for things spiritual.

“You can be sure your Father understands and knows of your struggles. He sees the doubts in your heart and doesn’t judge you because of this, since he knows well how hard it is for a mortal creature in a world such as this to free his or her mind of external influences, and to learn to think freely and independently. This is always a personal choice of a few courageous souls that jump into the adventure, onto the roads that have seldom been traveled by their peers of the past. This is being a true pioneer, and a true agondonter.

“Let my words serve as an encouragement and provide the impulse to help you move forward. You have achieved much but it is just a drop in the ocean to what is still unknown to you. Continue exploring, continue searching and ask for what you need, because this is the way you open your mind and your consciousness to receive. It is up to you to identify the gifts of the Father and take advantage of them to do His Will.”

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