Alabama, US of A, March 28, 2014.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Justice”

Message received by Oscar. 

Thought Adjuster: “The ‘righteous indignation’ of the Master should not be confused with human anger and resentment. The Master experienced displeasure when he saw how the love of his Father was distorted and how the resources of the mind were used for nefarious purposes. Jesus never showed indifference to the suffering of his peers, and when this suffering was caused purposefully by others, his response was an attempt at immediate defense for the aggrieved, correcting the situation without ever falling into the error of harming the aggressor.

These impulses are felt equally by all human beings. The human heart inevitably moves in the face of injustice, whether it is suffered personally or experienced by others. It is in the manifestation of these impulses that human nature and spiritual nature differ. As one progresses further on the path toward perfection, the desire to correct the misalignments of evil will manifest in kindness. It is possible to help those who have suffered from the actions of a few while also helping the aggressors to consider their error and correct their course.

Retaliation, revenge, and so-called human ‘justice’ will never be enough to eradicate the works of evil in this world. If you return evil for evil, you are simply promoting the same actions you seek to correct. If you strike the one who has struck, what difference are you making? In everything you do to promote the will of the Father in your world, strive to use the best of your wisdom to ensure that only the greater good will result from your actions.

There will never be a moment in your journey toward perfection when injustice and abuse against the children of God cease to move you. When a soul has set itself on the path of righteousness and earnestly seeks to express the will of God through its life, it will always be capable of being moved — just as the Father is — by the suffering of others. The Father himself experiences a form of displeasure when his children knowingly attempt to pervert his laws and his love. However, this displeasure never results in retaliation and is at all times dominated by His unconditional and perfect love.”

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