Alabama, US of A, March 2, 2011.
Christ Michael.
Subject: “The Key to Success.”

Received by Oscar.

Christ Michael: “You wish for my presence for you desire my company. You want to get to know me better and I know well that you wish to walk with Me as in the book you read. What your soul desires is already a reality, since I am within you, and have been since the very beginning. This is why I told my apostles that I would be even closer to them once I had abandoned this world, because it was then when my spirit was poured upon all flesh. I am Michael.

“These desires of the soul are the joint influence of the Thought Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth. Many feel this but interpret it in different ways. Some will look in books, some will go to talk with a guru. Others will drown this hunger with alcohol, drugs, vices or other distractions. There are very few who make the effort to enter the stillness of their hearts to find what they thirst for and be satisfied.

“This is the magnificent opportunity of service that is laid out in front of you. It is now that this desire of communion with God is becoming stronger, and more universal in this world. It is your task to lead these thirsty souls to the fountain of living water that flows within their selves. A human being of good heart will not let a child die of hunger in front of him or her. Naturally, the desire to do something for the little one will arise from the heart, as it has occurred millions of times and it still happens in this world. Will you let the children of spirit die of thirst without telling them where lies the source that can save them?

“Remember my beloved, only the ones who are thirsty will search for water to drink. Those who are not searching will not pay any attention to you. Rescue those who ask for help and to those who don’t need you yet, let them be, because your efforts will not yield any results. Reaping only takes place when the fruits are ripe. Attempting to force your beliefs to others – even if those beliefs are more advanced – can generate confusion, apathy and even animosity. This is an evolutionary world. Let evolution work the way our Father has intended.

“To those who search without being certain about what they may find, offer them a way out of their confusion and let these souls explore and discover what they need. The truth is not a secret for a few groups of chosen disciples; it is an expression of the love of the Father that is revealed to His creatures, and as with all the expressions of His love, it should freely be shared. This is the age in which the opportunities for service are greater than during any previous period on this sphere. Each one of you – light workers – has the opportunity to contribute to save thousands of souls for the Kingdom, through your personal and collective actions in the name of doing the will of God.

“A question you will be asked when you arrive on the shores of the Mansion Worlds will be, ‘How many souls did you lead toward the Kingdom?’ You and your Guardian Angels will have to answer, since you are now a team working together in the task to bring light to darkness. From those who have received more, more will be expected. They are your intentions that will be questioned at that moment. You will know for certain what your intentions were and on which things you focused during this life, so the results of this ‘judgment’ won’t be a surprise to you. Perhaps it would be better to use the term ‘evaluation’ since there won’t be any condemnation involved, just a determination about where you will be placed in order to continue your growth. If you shared the truth without limitation and gave a drink to those who came to you thirsty, you will feel satisfied at the time of presenting yourself to the ‘evaluators’ regardless of the results obtained by your actions. Yes, I am giving you the key to success in the next level of existence. It is up to you to take this suggestion to heart.”

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