Alabama, US of A, November 9, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “Distractions.”

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “Meditation is always recommended, and it is ideal for both, physical and mental health, as well as for establishing an increasingly deeper relationship with the Fragment of the Father within. Just a few minutes each day are enough. Besides this, thinking is another activity that may not fall under the same category of meditation, but it also assists in knowing the self better.

“How many these days dedicate at least a few minutes to just thinking? Many are fully entertained at all times while they are awake. At every moment, commuting to work, during meals, taking a bath, many always find an excuse to do something else, listen to music, reading novels, watching TV, anything except thinking, in exploring what is in their minds, or by considering the questions that are not easy to answer.

“Before the complexity of the modern world, human beings could find ample opportunities for introspection and reflection. Those times that today you would consider to be idle, were used to think and this, many times, brought with it higher expressions in art or even the spontaneous growth of spirituality.

“How can we not have a spiritual crisis in a world were electronic gadgets claim for our attention at every moment? For some instants on every day, turn off the TV, turn off the radio, ignore the news in the paper, and just look around and notice where you are. Have you forgotten the wonder of being alive? All these distractions will not be real in eternity, and most of the time you spend texting, checking emails, watching TV, will be a lost time you will not remember in the next worlds, but those times will have robbed you of opportunities to grow spiritually and to really live a more satisfying life.”

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