Chicago, US of A, April 23, 2014.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Planning Your Life.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Planning your life is both important and necessary. Human beings have stepped out through evolution and personalization, from the fetters of strictly instinctive animal life’, and the capacity for making plans is the evidence thereof. There is no doubt that you, as the main agent of what your life will become, have the most important role in its planning. However, in planning your life, there are others you must take into consideration, that is, God and your fellow human beings. If you discard them from your plan, rest assured that your life, while it might be materially successful, will not be wholesome or meaningful. So, in visualizing what you want your life to be, make sure that not only you, but also God and other people have their places in it. On planning your life, make sure three things will guide you: Purpose, principles, and flexibility.

“On your day, in the most advanced societies of your world, it seems that people’s life purposes orbit around pleasure, fame and money. Are they worth of human pursuit? In your country, your Magna Carta calls the purpose of life ‘the pursuit of happiness’. There is nothing wrong with making happiness the purpose of your life, because that is the precise purpose our Creator Father has for all His children. The problem is how you go about the pursuit of your happiness. If you seek happiness in a selfish way, you may find satisfaction in your life, but not happiness. However, if you’ve already come to the conclusion that your happiness depends on other people’s happiness, and you make your and their happiness a common pursuit, then true happiness can be experienced.

“Having a great purpose in your life is essential, but that is not all. Besides that, you need principles. Principles are the guidelines of your life. They mark the way you are going to pursue your purpose in life. Your principles can reflect three possibilities: Your way, other people’s way, or God’s way. Among those there is no doubt; the best way is the way of God, for God’s will represents not only what is best for you, but best for all. If you choose God’s way, you must strive to lead your life based on truth, love and service. Someone who seeks truth, harbors love in his or her heart, promotes other people’s lives through unselfish service, and has found the way of true happiness.

“Purpose and principles make up the core of your life’s plan, but they are not enough if you are not a flexible person. Although you should have short-, medium- and long-term plans for your life, you must be open to make changes when necessary. In making plans for your life, you should be aware of three ‘elements’ that invariably cause you to turn to them, as you live your life. These are: Unexpected circumstances, your interaction with other people, and the plans of the Spirit Within for your spiritual development. These three, but specially the Spirit of God in you, with His spiritualizing influence in your life, will make you consider changes to your life’s plan – and sometimes these changes will be of great import.

“You may have, and should have, my dear pupil, a life-plan for your passage from Urantia. Life is much more meaningful when it is first thought out and then lived. That is called living awareness. Your life is your responsibility. However, there is plenty of help available for you, so you can conduct it to fulfill a great purpose. Mainly, be aware of the leadings of Spirit Within, guiding you according to the will of God, so, even in the midst of challenges and trials, you may, in the end, have grown spiritually, which after all is what really counts.

“I am Prolotheos, your celestial tutor, honored to contribute to your and others’ spiritual growth.”

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