Alabama, US of A, February 11, 2014.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Lives of Truth”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “When you live a truly religious life and it is spiritually progressive you become an expression of truth. The things that people around you are not able to perceive from your words they will discover with clarity in your life, in the way you make your decisions, always considering the greater good. If you truly desire to become an inspiration for your peers and a bridge to guide them towards their own spirituality, then live a truly spiritual life, a life of example that illustrates the right path.

You are certainly far from perfection but the life of a mortal that strives to overcome her limitations and transcend her nature is much more useful to other humans than the life of a saint or a being that is already perfect. It is very inspiring to see how Jesus lived his life, always making the right decision without tripping with the weaknesses of faith or the wrongful ideas of his time and his generation. However, it is much more useful for human beings to see how somebody in similar conditions and with the same weaknesses rises after each fall to keep advancing toward the achievements of eternity.

The life of Jesus illustrated the perfection of human beings, how each one of you can be once you have established in your heart the irrevocable decision of living the will of the Father. Your present life could be an illustration of how the human will becomes increasingly in tune with the divine will, through continuous adjustments, and the implicit trust in the guidance of the divine presence of God in the human mind. Jesus is the perfect life. You can be the example of lives that become increasingly closer to perfection, following the steps of your beloved Master and showing the path to those who come behind you. This way you will not only speak of truth, but you will be that dynamic and eternal truth you wish to manifest in your world.

When a mortal creature has fallen because of mistakes or even sin, it may be hard to find inspiration in the life of Jesus. The words of the Master would certainly console them, but their error would not be reflected in his life. The contrast between their own life and the life of the Master would become evident and sometimes this great disparity may discourage some mortals, becoming an obstacle to their progression.

This is when the lives of human beings that have gone through the same situations and are still aspiring to live as Jesus lived can be a great help. These lives would show that divine forgiveness is a guarantee for those who really want to be better. Those lives would provide the comfort of knowing that a mistake does not affect the love of the Father for His universal children. Exemplary lives of growing spiritual achievement would illustrate the truth that God has no preferences regarding His children and that His unconditional love never changes, regardless of what you do. In the end, it is the understanding of the love of God by a creature that guides a soul that is confused and saddened by her own failures to the certainty of knowing that as a child of God everything can be overcome, and the eternal reward of perfection is always attainable if a mortal chooses it.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.