Illawarra District, Australia, July 8, 2015.
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.
Teacher Aaron of Urantia.

Subject: “Knowledge, Maturity and Spirituality.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “This is Samuel and Aaron is here with me to serve as an example of how new experiences continue to educate us here on the Mansion Worlds and how in the final analysis we both become more useful to the Creator’s great plans. Once proposed to be but a future possibility, it has — especially to you — been clarified as a fact that all progressives will in distant times perform important functions in the now organizing universes of deep space (see link).

“I will be the first to ‘urgently’ state that our brother Aaron has taught me much about organizing work groups, about crowd control in dangerous circumstances, about behind-the-scenes promotion of ideals and yes, indeed about psychology and how a single individual can positively effect the behavior of rather large groups. Just as there was no Aaron without Moses, there was no Moses without Aaron. Over to you, brother Aaron.”

Aaron: “Humans, even more so former humans, have an insatiable appetite for knowledge. This drive to acquire mastery over all that is as yet unknown to them is part of the human psyche and it becomes more evident once the need to basically sustain terrestrial life is no longer vital. My brother Samuel has imparted to me a great deal of knowledge about the elements, life and food-plant genetics. In his decades-long cooperation with his Life Carrier friends, he became the most successful ethical genetics engineeer Panoptia ever acknowledged.

Samuel: “This is Samuel again. Life on the Mansion Worlds is hardly devoid of reversion, as you have sometimes witnessed. Learning of countless subjects at an accelerated rate and improved capacity does aid one’s maturity. Does one need to be knowledgeable and wise to be mature? It helps. Does one need to be mature to be spiritual? Not always precisely, but yes, it helps.

“Knowledge, maturity and spirituality have in common those loose but decided connections that are the hallmark of balanced personalities — those who will continue to grow in empathy with all other of the Master Creator’s creatures — and these true sons and daughters of the Father will be found in honorable and important positions throughout the far-flung enormous universes of His deep, deep space.

“Remember the very first lesson you were taught by the Midwayer Chief, ABC-22, that we all are each other ‘at our spiritual root Source.’ Even to the universes of deep space will you take with you your knowledge of a thousand things, your maturity gained by a million tests and your spiritual prowess born of a billion instances of nurturing love and affection onto the benefit of all others. How awesome!

“This is Samuel and his dear friend Aaron leaving you all our love.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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