Illawarra District, Australia, August 28, 2015.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Machiventa Melchizedek.

Subject: “Many Will Be Led Astray For A Time.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “We are here for no other purpose but to inspire you. The action, truly, is up to you. In some circumstances you will find your efforts will account for naught, for they will amount to your trying to hold back the tide. Good luck, my human brother, let not the rogue kingtide sweep you away.”

George: “You are fully capable of sweeping away the thoughtforms and sundry borderland packets that so severely impact otherwise talented receivers. We’re in a swamp of misinformation these days and there’s nothing (coming) from you to make me feel any better. I remind you of midwayer/human partnership agreements.

Machiventa: “This is Machiventa. You may well call your Midwayer friends your brothers and sisters, yet they are ministering spirits that are no longer partners in your physical adventures. They have been your Teachers at a most basic level, but no more. (see note below).

“We are well aware of the ongoing difficulties you encounter and in fairness to our abilities to foresee future events we now advise you to clearly recall that you were long ago warned of critical times to come. My dear friend and student, critical times — times when reality takes a beating — times when thousands seemingly soak up through their skins the impossible fairy-tale pretense they so want to hear.

“You are poorly ‘admixed’ evolutionary races. That is to say: you are evolving on an evolutionary planet belonging to a local universe that is entirely capable of steering you towards Light and Life in the fullness of time. Not tomorrow, not next week, but in the fullness of time. There is no need for anyone from the super-universe or Paradise to come and rescue you in their spaceships.

“All in good time, our Paradise Brother and honorary Urantian, Monjoronson, will arrive to spend a season of teaching on this earth and unlike some are now happily suggesting, his multi-lingual addresses will not touch on that old and worn-out reincarnation issue, which is once more raising its ugly head. We want you to hold fast to what your 11:11 friends have taught you in all those years.

“Many will be led astray for a time, but this is not your concern. You were given the task of placing the people at the starting gates to spirituality to let each of them run their own race at their own pace, in their own way and in whatever choice of direction.

“Carry on my human workers, all. Let the Urantia Papers ever be your text and allow those with the fanciful imaginings to find how many minds they waylaid … in their own good time. This is Machiventa wishing you goodnight.”

Note: The first paragraph of Machiventa’s talk is directed at the receiver and no one else. It basically confirms that any ‘long-standing special agreements’ between the Midwayers and this receiver regarding the cleansing of borderland irregularities have come to an end. So, OK. There’s always Christ Michael.

Edited by Linda Abell.

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