Illawarra District, Australia, May 22, 2014.
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.
Answering two questions about:
“Losing One’s Mind.” and “The Acclimatization of the Mind.”

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “Most would tacitly agree with you that if you would somehow lose your mind, you would have nothing left. Few would consider that there are equally important aspects to what makes up a human being, and which parts in turn are equally important to your living a productive life. You must have a functioning body, a brain -- likewise in good order – a soul, and on this earth, specifically, a Spark of the Father Creator. It’s profitable for you to keep a balance and retain ‘all of yourself’ in prime condition where possible.

“The second part of the question (submitted by J.) deserves a more detailed response. Those who arrive on Mansonia One from this planet boldly belong to three main groups. The first group includes those who have mainly lived ‘in their heads’. They lived a day-to-day material life with little or no thought to anything either religious or spiritual. These individuals settle down to spend a great deal of time on the first mansion world, and it is so that they find their selves disoriented. This is because of their having unevolved souls.

“This group, well capable of using a mind that long functioned exclusively with an electro-chemical brain are like newborn babes that must now function in an entirely new realm. They have stored little in the way of spiritual values. Little if any of their every-day wordly memories are available to them – or be of value if they could be remembered. Having come last in the all-important spiritual race as mortals, they are the ‘also ran’ through the mansion worlds, to arrive at system headquarters well after their contemporaries have moved on.

“This first group will by and large be Paradise bound, at least if they are from your world, although a lesser number of them take on greatly responsible positions in their spiritual lives. The second group are those whom you may class as ‘staunchly’ religious. It is not that they find themselves out of place on the mansion worlds, since they believe in a new life, but rather that before learning and truly grasping and accepting more, there decidedly is a need for them to un-learn ever so much of what they have been taught or simply assumed.

“Those of the second group tend to spend more time together. Often their inability to let go is related to their strong allegiance to their creed. The third group are the spiritual ones. Their lives of caring, of intuition and soul-felt consideration, and above all, love for the Father Creator frequently places them in their ideal environment on Mansonia One, soon ready to move on to higher spheres. Soul growth – the development of the mid-mind – is key to their progress, assimilation, or acclimatization of the higher mind, one might say.

“Adieu from Teacher Aaron and myself. This is Samuel of Panoptia. Your membership of the third group, one might guess, is highly recommended and of foresight.”

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