Illawarra District, Australia, June 15, 2014.
Teacher: The Scribe of Damascus.
Subject: “Of War in the Heavens” (shortened).

Received by George Barnard.

George: “It’s almost irreverent, except you said…”

The Scribe: “Well, indeed did I say, you need only mention my name and I shall be with you? I have for you all a lesson that will open both your eyes and minds about the power of spiritual proximity and its results, good or bad. I will discuss with you all, the rebellion of millennia ago, and the resulting difficulties for great numbers of the children of the System of Satania – Angels, of course, and Midwayers – but countless others unrecorded in your books.

“Many have asked themselves the question, ‘Why would so many Primary Midwayers – the majority to be sure – find themselves ‘cheering for’ anyone, other than the Creator Son of Nebadon. There are basically three important reasons why they did. Firstly, Lucifer, and in this planet’s instance, his first lieutenant, Satan, made promises of a better, more independent life for all Urantians if they switched sides. Secondly, the Lucifer manifesto was being promoted over and over again, carefully at first, enthusiastically as time went by.

“More importantly, and thirdly, there was the matter of spiritual proximity. Doubtful as this can sound, proximity to an individual of such high office as was held by Lucifer, Satan, or even Caligastia, had its effect on underlings like Midwayers and Angels. Exalted spiritual personalities always effect ‘the economy of any spiritual realm’ by their very presence. The Primary Midwayers were long subjected to the Elites’ supposed ‘better deal’, and any slight weakness in their personality had them lose sight of their real task.

“Any aspect of impatience, or frustration, any feeling of boredom, or dread about the slowness of evolutionary processes would sooner or later have them all note how their superiors sold themselves, and ‘the new deal’, and what their leaders had to say about that ‘glorious alternative’ to the status quo. However, more sinister than all this was the way their minds readily, but quite un-noticed, aligned themselves with the convictions of their superiors. The process can almost be likened to osmosis, and must be seen as almost unavoidable.

“Much better educated than were the Secondary Midwayers, the Primary Midwayers lost proportionately more to the rebellion than did their younger, distant cousins. Strange? Indeed, no! The Primary Midwayers were subjected to the rebellious teachings for much longer, and as well, they often had the then Planetary Prince in close proximity. The somewhat uneducated Secondary Midwayers noted and disliked the spiritual disorganization of that time, and they had Adamson, and some loyal Primary Midwayers close at hand.

“There now is no more war in the heavens, so bear this in mind in your comings and goings, that your association with celestials is of great benefit to you. Such is the case not just here, but during all of your future journey from the fertile soils of this evolutionary world to the grandeur of Mansonia and beyond.

“My love is with you all. I am the Damascus Scribe.”

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