Alabama, US of A, January 30, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “To the Glory of the Father.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “How does one live a life that is a revelation to the glory of the Father? It would make sense to first clarify what we mean by the expression ‘to the glory of the Father’. The essence of the Father is love and when this love is manifested by the personality of God it turns into goodness. Therefore, the glory of God is the triumph of goodness in all creation. To live for the glory of the Father is nothing but following His will in such a way that you become an agent of His goodness. In this way, others would be able to recognize in you and through your actions, the divine goodness that inspires you and they would discover the Father through you.

“You live a life of revelation of God when in all situations you attempt to behave as you imagine the Father would behave. Man can pretend to be better in some situations and often succumbs in the face of difficulties and challenges. But when a person puts her strenght on the Father and decides to emulate God, she will find the strength to overcome her material nature and can truly begin to act divinely within her finiteness.

“This is the reason why placing your trust in your physical strength or your mental capacity — things that are solely material — can be counter productive in situations where your strength is not enough or your intelligence can’t come up with solutions. Those who put their trust in their Father can transcend their limitations and accept by faith that, even those things that occur in the present and have no aparent solution, happen because somehow they will all result in a greater good for all involved. These mortals filled with faith can truly see a universe that works with a purpose and that obeys the laws of love. Sometimes, through faith, you can anticipate the future solution for the problems of the present.

“This is why a true and dynamic faith is the cause of a peace that is beyond all understanding, because those who learn to accept the implicit goodness that permeates all creation would know that in the end all is good and all happens for the greater glory of the Father.”

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