Alabama, US of A, January 31, 2014.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Your Life Purpose”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Everything that comes from the Father shares His nature. In other words, it is like the Father. Human beings are creations of the Father and therefore they have in their personality the seed of His divine essence, and this can be developed to become like God, with the help of the Internal Teacher – the God Fragment – that was sent to reside in the souls of mortals.

When human beings ask themselves about the purpose of their lives their ideas are influenced by the materialistic ideas of this world. Therefore, the desire to be ‘great’ men and women in the eyes of humanity is most prevalent while little thought is given to being useful for civilization and creation. Greatness of personality is not something that is achieved by great deeds and actions. True spiritual greatness is based upon the degree in which a person has aligned her will with the divine will.

Those who want to express their purpose in life – the purpose for which you have come to experience a material life – should focus on the tasks the Father has already placed in their hands. The purposes of the Father are expressions of His nature, so everything you do in the world to satisfy your deep desire to know what your role is in the great play of creation should also express the divine nature.

All actions intended to feed your material ego are a waste of time, because they are far from the nature of the Father. The Creator does not call attention to Himself nor demands cult following or praise. We love the Father simply for what He is – a Father who loves us unconditionally and who is always giving the best of himself to us. For those who know the Father love arises spontaneously when they perceive the goodness of His nature. This is the same nature that is expressed through us as we grow in spirit.

Your purpose must reflect the intentions and actions of the Father, being mainly an expression of love. This always implies loving service to your peers, since it is what the Father would do if He was in your shoes. In the end, the purpose of a human life is to create a being like God from a material creature. As much as you achieve this goal during your lifetime you will be coming closer to your true purpose, and you will experience the deepest satisfactions of the soul.

The loving service to your peers has many aspects and is not limited to a specific profession or task. You can serve your siblings and promote the existence of an increasingly better world by the way in which you perform your job, in the love you invest raising your children, in the way you behave within your group and your civilization, in the ideas you share and support, in the leaders you choose to extend your ideals throughout society. In the end, service to your peers is a goal you can reach through several paths, depending on your talents, your inclinations, your aspirations, and your desire to make the will of the Father more prevalent in your life. As you can see, the purpose is the same for all, but the expression of this purpose is always unique, original, and personal, subjected to your free will and your creativity.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.