Illawarra District, Australia, July 15, 2018.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “While You Sleep.” (this transmission was greatly reduced in size)

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “There are many places in our universes where I feel at home, but there is one place where I feel most welcome and loved and whether I’m invited or have come to pass on information, such as now. Today I’m here to remind you of who are the greatest of your lovers on the planet. Today I’m here to once more remind you that you will always do well inviting your Guardian Angels or your Destiny Guardians to be with you when you pray. Of course we all know they are there with you, but it is important they actually be invited to pray with you. That goes for all of you reading my summation here, not this receiver of messages, because he invites them to be his echo-in-prayer all of the time.

“Seraphim have the sharpest of minds. Their being the daughters of Nebadonia — the very Creator of all mind in this local universe — this absolutely stands to reason. Not only do Seraphim know your every thought, but each aberrant thought you might have is totally overlooked, or forgiven and forgotten, because you are known to be beginners, totally imperfect, whilst they are skilful Teachers. Are they perfect? No! They are seasoned Operatives while you are kindergartners still. However, my students, for Seraphim to make a mistake, the difficulty factor needs to be outlandish — nothing you or they would ever come across on this earth.

“So much for reminding you that you can pray with your angels, not ever pray to your angels, of course. Now about My passing on information and this is something truly important that takes little investment of either effort or time. In fact, it can all be arranged before you go to sleep at night and your angels will work on ‘your important project’ while you sleep.

“‘My important project?’ Very well, you say! But what does it mean? Well, on most occasions you may find out what the actual project was long after your voiced request for help. You may have left the project entirely to your angels. I recommend you do that. Take your mind back now to when one of you was told, ‘We measure and mark your spiritual growth against the wall of eternity.’ They were Seraphim who told you that. They are Seraphim who have their fingers on your pulse and they know precisely what next you need as well as how you compare to the average Seraphim’s human charge. And angels are Teachers, specialists, with you day in day out, but what is more; they know precisely when you are in the ideal state of rest, deep rest, to take in their lessons and suggestions for spiritual growth . . . and how you will respond to these lessons.

“As you know, my friend and co-worker, student, your planet, your race and the types that dwelt here before your type was ‘thought of’, have rather a checkered career to look back on. One thing I must mention here for you to see your position clearly; you, collectively, are neglecting almost entirely the truly wonderful introduction to celestial communication that you do have — your one-way talk with angels while you sleep. Urantia by no means compares to the average inhabited planet in Nebadon. Most other planets use this one-way learning tool as a forerunner to talks with Midwayers, yes, with the Creator Father. I ask you to please give thought to your angels, daily, and you’ll be rewarded a hundred-fold.

“I am the Damascus Scribe.”

Receiver’s note: “. . . the types that dwelt here before your type was ‘thought of’”. I’m not sure of what He means here. Perhaps Neanderthal man or giants? A mystery.

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