“Momentary Eternity”
Something long ago forgotten
by George Mathieu Barnard – May 23, 2012.

It was a relatively warm winter’s afternoon in late June of 1995. Robert Harrison, Chester Newland and William Forester, three mature-age university students, were catching the last of the sun’s warm rays on the steps of dormitory block B.

     I was late for supper, scurrying towards the mess hall when one of them said, “Hey guru George, give us your definition of eternity.”
     I disliked being called a guru, but that was their idea of what ‘a clinical hypnotherapist doing more psych in college’ was all about.
     I stopped and explained to them the nature of eternity and how from eternity time space arrived – words along those lines. They sat there on those steps, mouths open, eyebrows raised in disbelief, but I was surely more surprised about what had come out of my mouth than they were.
     My words had been most explicit and utterly soul-felt.
     There was only a icy cold ‘though better than nothing’ apple pie left in the mess hall, but when I got back to block B, just minutes later, Chester Newland had left. Only Robert and William were still sitting on the steps sharing a last cigarette.
     They stopped me again, wishing for me to repeat my answer to their question about eternity, for it was gone from their minds.
     Well! Neither could I remember those exquisite phrases out of thin air, so I pointed at the sky and told them it had all been sent to my brain and mind from way, way up there.
     And until last night, the memory of the event was gone as well.

* * * * *

Thought Adjuster: “To you, the subject of my future personalizing, our eternal life for us both to be enjoyed, and our prospective oneness, this communication of importance. Well might you question if there was any reason at all for the four of you to understand, if even for a moment in time, the concept of eternity. There is no great prize for guessing that for one of the people at that short meeting the entire effort was a waste of time. However, even in the spiritual realm where a wasted effort can be foreseen by me, the ‘doing of the right thing’ must be observed, even by Thought Adjusters.

“The aim of the exercise was not for you to fully understand the concept of eternity. It was not meant for your friends to understand the concept of eternity. Such is presently, and possibly for a long time to come, an impossibility in respect of the mind endowments any of you can support. What happened there on that afternoon was an opportunity for me to get them thinking about their eternal lives. Only through the cooperation of their own Thought Adjusters were they capable of momentarily comprehending -- mind you I did not say understanding -- the reality of eternity. Indeed, just for a time.

“I thank you for documenting the eyebrow raising event.”

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