Illawarra District, Australia, November 5, 2015.
Teacher: Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22).
Subject: “A Long List of Ills.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “This is Midwayer Chief Bzutu or ABC-22, as I am referred to by most. Over centuries past I have become one of the most pre-eminant Progress Chiefs during all of my tenures as leader by virtue of my treating all personalities and important things as equal in value and yes, without bias. Today, by subscriber (and George’s) invitation, I do add, I will speak about fundamental values.”

George: “No holds barred. Counting on it.”

Bzutu: “‘No holds barred,’ says he! Indeed, that’s what your behavior has been of late. Your fundamental values are as non-existent as they possibly can be. Do you reflect upon the fact that life has gone on … of a sort? You see young adults ‘out there’ with their children, as it always was? And you wonder what kind of life their youngsters will inherit? What kind of world will be theirs? What kind of reality they will ascribe to? Will they know truth, beauty and goodness and God’s Will?

“In truth, your Western, so-called democratic civilizations, are on the brink. Your national departments of defense are infinitely more like departments of offense, we haven’t failed to notice. And it is clear to all that you cannot be, remain or become, the biggest, most important or the best by destroying ‘the kings’ of the broken countries around you. Surely the universe will not forget and the infinite law of karma will be a part of you, like an ugly birthmark that simply refuses to wash off. It is time for talks and agreements, cold showers for some, less hubris and letting all sanctions’ end forthwith.

“There are myriad tasks for you to engage in as individuals, families and nations. Although much is to be done, you cannot do it all. Better to select just one thing and earn your ‘brownie points’ with that particular mission, may you call it. Are you aware of the enormous loss of habitat in the Middle East and the Levant? Might it be left to China to rehabilitate these places by three-dimensionally print new homes to make good what the barbarians from both sides destroyed? (See note below) Even while many nations are involved in the destruction, they are still committing crimes and all will pay. Bombs do not bring peace.

“Is this all too much to contemplate? Is there anything you can do? There are simpler tasks for you to get involved with. There are foodstuffs being altered, causing illnesses. There are plastics everywhere, killing birds and turtles. In this world of weapons’ budgets and hunger, destruction and distraction, drugs and pollution, hatred and lack of care, you can be a small ‘island’ of positive input.

“Importantly, do not vote for those who are criminally insane and who have turned this beautiful world into a most dangerous place … pushing it towards WWIII. Living in such a world with the eye ever on truth, beauty and goodness, as well as the Creator Father’s Will for you, personally, will make a resounding success of your life. Thank you brother. This is all I want to say. I leave you now. Adieu.”

Note on bolded sentence above: If there is talk about China helping to rebuild homes in the Levant, I’m not aware of it. I also did not want to lift that sentence out of the transmission, but maybe I was just tired and goofed.

Edited by Linda Abell.

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