Mattawan, Michigan US of A, January 1, 2023.
Teacher: Magisterial Son, Monjoronson.
Subject: “Peace Comes with a Price.”

Message received by Vicki Vanderheyden.

Monjoronson: “On this first day of a new year, while you ponder the warlike problems that are still quite endemic in your world, you ask me, “What will it take to secure peace on our planet?” And I say to you, peace comes with a price. Though not the price that many of you envision. For peace may initially be secured through the exchange of physical resources in your world, through the demonstration of physical might for right, but peace can only ‘endure’ when it is secured as a living testament in the minds and hearts of humankind.

“Through the long ages of your history, this warlike behavior has permeated the human frame of mind to the point that without substantial effort, is it quite hard for you to maintain the simplest form of peaceful thought for even a short period of time. And yet, peace can only endure when it is the prevailing thought in a significant number of individuals. Regardless of the side you take on an issue, peace begins with you.

“Peace will never be achieved through war. It may be halted temporarily by securing the resources and help of many, but it will not ‘endure’ until peace is maintained in the daily thoughts and actions of those who desire it. So, no matter how far removed you are from the battlefields of war on your planet, each and every one of you can contribute to the pursuit of world peace by actively engaging in the development of a peaceful heart and mind in your daily lives. This is the price for peace.

“If there is conflict and strife in those around you, among members of your family and friends, in your workplace or in the presence of your own mind, then we ask that you seek ways to resolve these issues, to balance your mind with thoughts that provide alternative peaceful viewpoints. Take action to understand these disruptive and separating feelings. Find ways to adjust your thinking, so that you may see another’s point of view, and then replace your thoughts and actions in more thoughtful and loving ways toward yourself and others.

“Do not expect to maintain a peaceful mind continually throughout your day or week. You, as human beings, have an emotional nature that naturally fluctuates as you respond to your environment.

“We also suggest that you try not to over-react to the negativity that arises within you. For you will merely prolong this state of mind without resolution. These negative thoughts do have deep roots in your cultural and genetic heritage. But they do not own you and you do not have to own them. They are merely thought forms that you can choose to accept or not accept as a part of your state of mind.

“If you truly desire to cultivate a peaceful mind that will impact you and those around you, then simply look for the origin of these negative thoughts. Seek to understand conflicting points of view. Remove the need to always hold on to your own point of view. Listen first. You will be more able to consciously change your thoughts, alter your expectations and look for solutions that will lead to more peaceful alternatives. Then watch how quickly these negative thoughts begin to lose their strength and dissipate.

“My friends, it may appear that the way toward peace in your world is affected more by the external actions and reactions of those you have no control over. Yet, let me assure you that you can accomplish much more than this in your daily life. For you can reduce the anger, fear, and anxiety in yourself and others by just maintaining your own inner peace.

“May the blessings of our Father propel you toward a fresh start this new year. May you find success in exploring those practices that foster your peace of mind. I assure you that we will be here as well to help you sort through the many thoughts that you encounter as you grow in His love and peace.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
I tell you clearly and plainly that no darkness can withstand
the focus of the Father’s light. – Monjoronson.