Urantia, May 04, 2015.
Teacher: Christ Michael (Jesus).
Subject: “How Will You Choose?”

Message received by Lytske.

Michael: “Thank you for giving me your attention after pondering the problems I face with this special little planet of my birth. Dear child, please don’t worry about my problems, but rather set yourself about the task of solving yours. All I need to concern myself with is her evolution, which is entering a critical phase and needs the guidance of the celestial Master Force Organizers, who carefully watch the movements of the tectonic plates. So, these are not your problems. I would like to point out that you humans in your mindlessness (but at last more knowingly) have added to the problems of the planet.

“Only yesterday you looked at a picture at how polluted your oceans are becoming with refuse and you are witnessing the pollution of your skies when you see certain planes overhead spewing out all sorts of nefarious chemical trails. And please don’t get me going on how your food supply is being interfered with — with so-called genetic organism engineering.

“These are just three things that are upsetting my plans for a peaceful evolution on this precious innocent planet of mine. Have you left your collective good senses or are you too sleepy to notice what is going on around you in the air, in the sea and on the land? We, as your celestial overseers, have to cope with the thoughtlessness of you creatures. Yes, I know what you are thinking. You think about the stories in your so-called holy books — that I was a mild-mannered carpenter, having come to relieve mankind from the burdens of their sins through forgiveness by being used as a ‘scapegoat.’

“Have you never read how I repeatedly said that each person is responsible for his or her own actions? My Father and your Father has given you all a precious free will to use, to take control of your thoughts and to endeavor to do God’s will. To glorify the Giver of all life, whose message, like mine was: “Love one another, even as I loved you” whilst I was here in the flesh? Anew, I tell you the same message, but now I will also add; “Love My planet, too.” Now she is being put into a situation of having to cleanse herself as she has had enough of all the abuse, heaped upon her innocence.

“The planet is also a living breathing being and would love human cooperation to help her to ascend into the Light so she can attain also her eternal goal just like it is possible for each individual possible to attain. This planet has a hidden magnificence of perfection in her which she is trying to attain. You humans are also given life to attain your hidden perfected magnificence on your ascension journey to Paradise.

“Why forego your own chances of achieving perfection? Do you not realize that this life is the beginning of your eternal existence? Of course, you have the choice not to enjoy eternal life. That is totally depending on your precious free will — how you choose, think and act. The responsibility is yours. Either work with me or against me! How will you choose? It is in you to do so.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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