Illawarra District, Australia, August 26, 2016.
Midwayer Mathew (33-3-33).
The Damascus Scribe (Sananda).

Subject: “Payment for Services Rendered.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Mathew: “Here I am, my human co-worker, announcing the Scribe. Your reading and meditation have brought you a little more insight on our mutual Friend and Personalised Adjuster. Adieu.”

The Scribe: “I greet you my friend and student. Understandably, should I wish to explain to you what mankind is all about, I would need more than your customary ‘less-than-two-pages-of-text’ ruling. Consequently and apart from the fact that you would not have any reference for you to be able to understand matters I would provide you with, there are also ‘need-to-know’ aspects you have not yet matured towards, either as a species or as an individual to be sure.

“Since I will be of much continued use to those enjoying the patronage of our Progress Angels, it will have value for them to know I project the countenance resembling the Master Jesus, whom I served. And some of you will sufficiently progress to see me and make out the features I show. Most of these contributors will think they have glimpsed the Master, few will rightly call me Sananda or the Damascus Scribe. It matters not, for as you were advised long ago: ‘we all are each other at our Spiritual Root Source.

“Also, as it can be said that he or she who has seen a Creator-Son has seen the Father, so will it be for those who see me, for they will have seen the Son of God as the Son of Man. Indeed, indeed, we are all one, as your Midwayer Friends told you so long ago. How delightfully simple is this, how delightfully uncomplicated!

“To now answer your question in detail, as well as I AM allowed: I was an Adjuster, often thwarted in my desire to fuse with a human soul to thereby make the lengthy pilgrimage to Paradise. I was later appointed the Superior Thought Adjuster to guide Machiventa (Melchizedek) during his long existence on this planet. Thereafter I guided the Master, Jesus, as you were clearly shown and which effort awarded me to be personalized by virtue of having guided a Creator-Son throughout His final bestowal as a man among the lowest creatures of promise He Himself created.

“Only one Thought Adjuster accompanies a Creator Son in His local universe. This Adjuster is a perfect fraction of the Father and has become experienced to perfection, to then receive Personality that is perfect also, once again, from the Father of All That Is — a payment for services rendered.

“See it now clearly in your mind’s eye, my friend; your Damascus Scribe is unequivocally perfect, unequivocally a God, capable of making up His own mind, yet willing to take orders as to what demanding tasks to work on next in our Michael’s local universe.

More important is it that I will be independently active through all of the Correcting Time and the periods of Light and Life — critical times in a former rebellious planet. And as well, with the Father’s gift of Personality arrived time-consciousness, allowing me to better deal with others, to plan, to make many friends who really understand Me and so much more.

Indisputably, the pilgrims, who after ages of travel arrive on Paradise, are God-like, but still incomplete. Personalised Adjusters are Gods, eager to make friends and as before, simply do the Father’s Will. I leave you now to contemplate some more. I AM the Scribe.”

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