Oregon, USA, March 6, 2021.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Inspirational, Not Dictatorial.”

Message received by Anyas.

“Verily, verily, I say to you, when the Father’s will is your law, you are hardly in the kingdom. But when the Father’s will becomes truly your will, then are you in very truth in the kingdom because the kingdom has thereby become an established experience in you.” [UB, 141:2.2]

Thought Adjuster: “Never forget that Jesus’ gospel was foremost a way of living—not merely a religious philosophy—therefore, its transformative practicability.

Speaking of transformation, abiding by its enacted laws may protect society from criminality; however, it does not facilitate the heart expansion of those who comply. Fear of punishment stifles the spirit.

Jesus did not come to uplift the law but fulfill it—the universal divine law being love-in-action. It boils down to treating others as you want to be treated, which implies taking recommendable actions that yield the fruits of the spirit. It is a far cry from merely going through the religious motions in a self-centered way, intent on reaping the divine favor—something that Jesus pointed out in his parable of the Pharisee and the Publican.

The onset of the promised 'kingdom’ did not occur as predicted—a sobering realization for many. The Father’s ways are not dictatorial but inspirational. Blind allegiance cannot yield a joyful environment. When fear is part of the equation, hearts hold back.

Your tipping point occurs when you make the free-will and wholehearted decision to implement the Father’s loving ways in your life. It is how you eventuate his will through inspired initiatives. No one can ever deprive you of this exalting conversion experience, as it becomes an integral part of who you are.”

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