Chicago, US of A, November 8, 2017.
Teacher: The Spirit Within.
Subject: “I Have Better Ways.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

The Spirit Within: “Humans often find themselves confused, intrigued, even clueless in solving problems and challenges in life. I don’t. On approaching a problem you may be presented by your mind and experience with many solutions and even more combinations of them, making the choice of the best action incredibly difficult for you and many times the result of poor choices is simply disastrous. I am never in a conundrum; I have clear objectives, infinite options and I always present you with that solution that is the best for your given current situation. As you see, my ways are better than yours. By my presence within you, this constant assistance is available to you, but there are conditions:

“Firstly, Surrender Your Will — It does not mean for you to invalidate your will, but to desire the will of the Father, to make His will your will. Your best example to follow is Christ Michael’s when He lived among you as Joshua ben Joseph. He always sought and chose the will of the Father, even when it was not the easiest way, because he knew it was the best way to please the Father, His highest and ultimate goal. I represent the will of the Father in you — choose it and I will show it to you.

“Secondly, Listen to Me — I am always talking to you from the ‘heights of your mind’, but you rarely listen to me attentively due to the lack of spiritual commonness. As a result, my leadings to you arrive muddled in your consciousness and many times distorted and mixed with your own solutions, often precluding my efforts to guide you. To really listen to me you have to reach me where I live within you, that is, in your Upper Mind, through the frequent practice of Stillness — then you will listen to me sharply. Come to me, my child, and I will show you the best way.

“Thirdly, Follow it Through — After receiving my leadings for your living, be not distracted — follow them through as soon as possible. Many of you, after realizing the will of the Father, do not promptly act on it, but rather start to second-guess it, risking the loss of that window of opportunity. That is when your spiritual faith is called for — do it! Yes, the beauty of the will of the Father is fascinating; however, it was not given to you for your appreciation only, but for you to put it to work. I did my part, now do yours: follow it through!

“My child, I will not force my leadings on you, for that is not what I do. I have pre-will, so I can give it to you as simple leadings and you can enforce it with your will. That is how you will make the will of the Father your will. Make no mistake: my ways are perfect for your current situation — come and get them! Firstly, be sure you have made the supreme decision of choosing to do the will of the Father, not yours. Secondly, come to me through Stillness, and listen to my leadings. Finally, do not linger on questions about my leading: put it into practice! I will never cease to guide you, for I have better ways.”

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