Alabama, US of A, September 20, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Points of Light.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Sometimes we observe human beings that abandon the task that has been placed before them to embark on adventures that will not produce any permanent benefit to them. Many have left their families and their children, pursuing the illusory promise of a life with more material benefits, when the dedication to the task of raising their children to become men and women, who will help make a reality of the Will of the Father, is what was really expected of them.

“Others abandon their surroundings to help in faraway lands, while completely indifferent to the problems at home and the solutions they may be able to create right where they were originally situated. This doesn’t imply that the effort to help other disadvantaged people should be abandoned. Many rich nations do well in providing material and human resources to improve the lives of others in poorer regions. Yet sometimes these same nations promote policies and actions that make the problems even worse.

“Once truth has been established as a firm foundation in the hearts of the human beings of this world, there will be consistency in the efforts to solve the problems — unity of purpose. The path towards light is inevitably the divine will. Only when all of you have decided to align your individual wills with His Will there will be true collaboration and this in turn will bring the miraculous changes that will elevate this world once and for all.

“Be a channel of expression for the Father’s love right there where you are now, in your family, in your neighborhood, in your city and in your country. Visualize a map of your world and consider how each one of you is a point of light on this map, starting to illuminate the whole earth little by little. Each time a soul discovers the Father in her heart another point on the map lights up. If one of those points moves to another place it will just be one point in the darkness, but if each of those illuminated points lives an inspiring and exemplary life, it may light up the hearts of those around it and so the light will spread with more intensity and determination, overcoming darkness at last.”

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