Oregon, USA, May 3, 2021.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “One Has to Start Somewhere.”

Message received by Anyas.

“Those who are God-conscious without symbolism must not deny the grace-ministry of the symbol to those who find it difficult to worship Deity and to revere truth, beauty, and goodness without form and ritual.” [UB, 91:5.7]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us use this statement as a conversation starter, as any topic can serve as an entry point for Me to impart you with what you need to know since I am your live-in tutor commissioned by the all-knowing God.

On the momentous day of Pentecost, a trinitized spiritual ‘application’ was freely downloaded in human minds. “Man is subject to the teaching and guidance of a threefold spirit endowment: the spirit of the Father, the Thought Adjuster; the spirit of the Son, the Spirit of Truth; the spirit of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit.” [UB, 194:2.11]

Sadly, many ignore their onboard Teachers and do not prioritize the expansion of their inner hearing capacity. Instead, their God-given physical senses of hearing and sight allow them to pick up on the input of religious professionals in the flesh. They do not take advantage of their free and direct access to divinity through their more refined spiritual receptors. They have become a best-kept secret to many or remain enigmatic due to spiritual complacency or self-doubt impairment.

One thing is sure: The Father will use whatever frequencies you are tuned in to expand your understanding through subliminal downloads of enlightening 'insights.'

Symbols can serve as memory-minders or placeholders. In the past, a knot in a handkerchief reminded its owner of something important. As disposable tissues supplanted them, other efficient ways were devised, such as daily planners, digital notifications, and more.

Your spiritual evolution undergoes a similar process. You may receive the fundamentals second-hand through caretakers or religious intermediaries—often in a symbolic way. The day will come when symbols will no longer content you, and you will take an independent plunge to go after the real thing.

Do not belittle those who are still taking their first wobbly steps. It positions them at the starting gate of great spiritual adventures. Symbols are reassuring ‘training wheels’ that they will discard as they grow in self-confidence to gain more freedom of spiritual movement. Those ahead on the spiritual trail make themselves useful by generating a headwind to facilitate others' progression.”

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