Alabama, US of A, February 8, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Living in Light and Life” — Part One.

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “True freedom can only be experienced when you function in complete harmony with the universal energies — with the Father’s will. In other words, it is a complete dedication to the exploration of unconditional love for all beings. It is refreshing when human beings in this world manage to elevate their motivation for the endeavors they decide to explore.

“Once you have managed to attain a vision of eternity, you will no longer be motivated by money and selfish rewards in order to make your decisions in this world. Light and life is not yet a global reality on this planet, but they can be a reality in your life if you live according to the guidance of the Father within you. In a world of light and life, human beings focus their efforts onto one task only: the attainment of perfection. This sublime goal includes knowing our Father better, whose likeness is the achievement these exalted mortals desire to attain. The increasing understanding of the Father and His love for His children spontaneously brings the desire to serve others. For this reason on those worlds of glory all work for each other, for the common good, for the pleasure and the benefit of each person who shares their world. However, service to their neighbors is not the main motivation for these creatures, but instead it is a byproduct of their search for perfection.

“Even now each one of you can aspire to such a life. Michael already illustrated with His life how one can live in Light and Life regardless of the state in which the world finds itself. It brings great joy to those on high observing that an increasing number of mortals on this world are striving to live lives like His. This is a clear sign that progress is manifesting in this sphere and that the efforts of the correcting time are having an impact.

“Unfortunately, those lives are not the ones that are recognized by the majority and are not highlighted by your media. Instead only the most savage and primitive actions are the things most advertised in your world. Do not be deceived by this because the light is slowly coming through on this world and the will of the Father will prevail in the end in the hearts of His children who desire His peace and His perfection. Live from now on in the age of Light and Life because this age will become a reality on Urantia only when Light and Life are a part of all the individual hearts of each and every inhabitant of this world.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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