Illawarra District, Australia, January 10, 2010.
Midwayer Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8).
Subject: “Trust and Confidence.”

Received by George Barnard.

Dr. Mendoza: “I greet you, my dear human student. Many are the years in a mortal lifetime we worked together to see to the welfare of patients’ emotional health. Not always were you aware of my input in those cases, but I was there supporting you, nevertheless. Is it any different now, I ask you? Is it different in any way? We took care of our subjects’ psychological aberrations for them to live healthier emotional lives, and by extension make spiritual progress.

“Everything has changed, and yet nothing at all has changed, for by us seeing to their spiritual health, their emotional and physical wellbeing improves as well. We are in the all-important ‘business’ of reminding many that there is a God we can all put our trust in, and that there are myriad unseen helpers, who are His hands and feet. It is about trust and confidence in Him that we communicate here and now. It is about overcoming distrust and utter reliance on the self.

“Would that all had more trust and faith in the Creator of all, and would that more could see all others as kin, there would be less fighting and less wars, less disagreement and less distrust, less paranoia and less pointing of finger at who wears the black hat and who the white, who is rich and who is poor, who is hungry and who eats for three or four and more. Your lives are so structured with duties and doubtful entertainment that mere fleeting moments, if any, are left for your Maker and Sustainer.

“Your Maker and Sustainer has the trust and confidence in you. He sees all from the beginning to the end, and knows that in time your wars will end, your religionists will realize they grasp little of eternal truth, white and black will be friends, and rich will help those in need. Essential for this to begin, it is important for you to reassess your structured lives and leave room for health-giving meditation – a short prayer, and ample time in stillness to hear about His plans.

“Billions of your kin, our beloved mortals, reach Mansonia One with the pain and regret of having given nary a thought to His very existence during all of their lives, and for them it’s rather late in the day to achieve as much of the high estate and prestige you will be entitled to in your morontia lives to come. Make this New Year a time when you live consciously in the now, rather than be drugged by routine, but contemplate your future in higher realms. ‘Humor your Creator!’

“Should you find it difficult to meditate, simply try to clear your mind as best you can, and sit in relative stillness with your Angelic Guardians. No matter how slight, there is no effort that goes unrewarded, for both your trust and confidence in Him will grow. This is Dr. Mendoza. Later, fellow.”

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