Alabama, US of A, November 26, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “By the Virtue of Your Decisions.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “On your world you have learned that it is easier to believe the negative. It is much easier to believe that there is no God and that everything is just a product of chance. However, there is a living hope within everyone that is always inspiring them to search beyond their material limits – this is the Presence of God within each mortal.

Many, in their personal experience, have lived what civilizations and planets experience once the technological and scientific advances force them to look at the beliefs of the past under a new light. This is a critical point in which they can take one of two paths. They can abandon all their beliefs in the supernatural, considering them superstitions, and adopt a way of living that is exclusively materialistic or they can search for higher explanations and discover new relationships in the transcendental truths beyond the material realm with the same scientific spirit that has brought to them the many advances they presently enjoy.

This first path soon becomes unsustainable because it robs human beings of the inspiration to be the best they can aspire to be. A materialistic conception of life does not consider the progress of personality in eternity nor the unity of all human beings, therefore, the decisions and actions taken under this point of view are necessarily of a temporal and selfish nature, focused in the here and now, in the satisfaction of the needs or the whims of the present at the expense of the future needs. This is currently the predominant way of living on this world.

The second path offers the promise of eternal life and unlimited progress in eternity. This path elevates a mortal from being conditioned by her surroundings to becoming the architect of her own destiny and able to exert an influence over all creation as a participating agent of her Celestial Father. The decisions and actions taken from this point of view are motivated by the desire to express the best of the self, striving to be increasingly closer to the ideal each person holds about God – the hunger for perfection, the effort to achieve self-mastery. Thus, the human beings of the present consider the impact their lives may have in the future, in the following generations and in the rest of the universe. This is the birth of the consciousness of universal citizenship. Which path do you think is more beneficial for you and your world?

Science will reveal to you many mysteries of the past and will make you capable of controlling your environment and the energies that surround you in ways you still don’t even imagine. An exclusively materialistic mind frame is an effective obstacle to progress, because the wrong use of the new discoveries you make will have the potential of ending your civilization. However, a vision of life that takes into consideration the inspiration that lives within each one to express the divine will, will make you the masters of your world and your life, reaching increasingly higher levels of self-mastery that will allow you to choose, on your own, the destiny of your planet and your civilization as you become beings progressively closer to God’s likeness by the virtue of your own decisions.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.