Illawarra District, Australia, April 3, 2003.
Destiny Guardians.
“Self-Sabotage through Preoccupation” “Investing Your Prayers.”

Received by George Barnard.

George: “I don’t know if I should continue (meditating) at this awkward, crazy time. Speak now, or forever hold your peace.”

Juliette: “Dear brother, this is Juliette. The love of Mother Spirit, our Brother Michael, and the Eternal Father is with you mortals, all. And of all you know best, it is we, your Angels, who surround you constantly and closely with a loving care that will never diminish. Here I speak for us both, and our Cherubim helpers.

“There is not a moment in your lives during which our attention is drawn away from the sacred undertakings that are bestowed upon us myriad Destiny Guardians of guiding you humans from here to eternity and into a shared ‘perpetuity coexistence’ of great happiness in learning, service and worship – truly an intermarriage of a kind.

“These are indeed difficult times, and it is important therefore that your energies are not disturbed, that you continue to retain your ongoing connection through us with Mother Spirit, retain your contact with your indwelling Fragments of the Father, and with Michael, who knows you all so well.

“More than being mere shadow boxers, as you choose to (jokingly) refer to us, we are in touch with countless guardians of our kind, as well as those of higher and lesser status, belonging to, or interacting with those mortals who are in regular contact with their Celestial Teachers to help bring about profitable interactions for spiritual gains.

“You are not alone among those who are, to a degree, sabotaging through preoccupation their ability to remain in close association with their Celestial Teachers, and finding occasional difficulties in receiving or satisfactorily transmitting the appropriate lessons for these emotional times, and from beginning to end of the prepared lessons.

“You are still but a tiny group when compared to the needs of your worldwide population. You are but the vanguard of contributors for the great times to come. It is important for you all to not lose touch and for you to reinforce your connections with those who are your Teachers.

“For now, I will remind you that God’s will be done, eventually if not already, that most of you have little more to do but to gain an increasing closeness to us, and all your Teachers, and to ‘invest your prayers towards’ a satisfactory outcome to the battles in the desert lands. This (prayers) will insulate you from fear and despair, and yet it will not diminish your empathy for the fallen, the dispossessed, and the wounded.

“We will keep this discussion short, dear brother, but we suggest you frequently revisit us to strengthen the bond between us. We thank you and Mathew for your time. These are your Guardians, who share with you the love of the Father.”

Notes: In 1972, I was not aware of Guardian Angels functioning in pairs, since only one appeared to be present at 'the very horizon of my perception'. A name, any name, seemed preferable over their lengthy given code of lots of ones, fours and sevens. At the time, naming Angels, or any other Celestial, seemed hardly presumptuous, rather generous on my part, actually.

To be known by just a number seemed demeaning to me, and since they long studied the Cro-Magnon mind, I instantly, impulsively gave them that French name – JULIETTE – with lots of straight letters to match their straight 1s, 4s and 7s.

And, yes, the inequities of this danged war are bothering me endlessly. Disturbing.

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