No-Strings-Attached Love - Your Yardstick Of Spirituality

Illawarra District, Australia, November 22, 2003.
Secondary Midwayer, Sharmon (MNO-6)
Subject: "No-Strings-Attached Love - Your Yardstick Of Spirituality."

Received by George Barnard.

Sharmon: "I knock on your door, and knock on your door, and then I must let myself in. I ring a big bell right next to your ear, and still you’re not sure until I club you over the head with it. And now I wave my big banner, saying, "This is Sharmon, George!" right in front of your eyes. Ah! My human responds! This… is Sharmon!"

George: [laughing] "Hello there, dear Sharmon."

Sharmon: "This spinster lady will not come to visit you unless she is dressed in the very finest of attire and makes herself look pretty for you, because she loves you since long ago, brother. So here I am. Enjoy my company in this early, and much better hour for me to drop in on you.

"We love you, brother, and our love for you is unconditional. It is unreserved. It is a no-strings-attached love, and this whilst we might merely frown at your stubbornness, at the unending demands you make on us, and at all the rest of your many well-documented, unbeaten bad habits to date.

"It is this unconditional love I want to speak to you about - talk to all your friends about - who may learn from this lesson. And in this ‘episode’ we might take a journey back in time, ancient times, before my time, and take a look at your ancestors, your distant faraway ancestors, that eventually gave birth to your races and to ours.

"The true feeling of love had to have its origin at some point in time. And it always was the female of the species who was greatly advantaged in slowly developing a love that on this earth, at this time, has the possibility of developing into the unconditional love mankind must strive for, and must attain.

"It is the ancestral female of the species that in giving birth considers the progeny to, in many ways, and always still, be a part of herself, much more so than it is a part of the male. And in it being a part of herself, it needs to be cared for, of course, as she also needs to care for herself to survive.

"The ‘birthling’ is seen as cute, precocious, but dependant, so it needs to be attended to like any possession, as it clings about its mother’s neck, like a string of beads, and thus pride and possessiveness are much the ingredients involved in this developing ability to love. Those mothers bereft of these early feelings simply do not pass their genes on, as the offspring tend not to survive.

"And all these quite instinctive, early feelings, are rarely properly understood, but they can bring about that awakening feeling of real love.

"By no means is this very beginning, this sense of duty, this sense of pride, this sense of ownership, this sense of belonging to a family, a clan, or a group that must fend for itself, and protect its members, associated with the unreserved love that the Creator Father has earmarked for his many evolving human creatures of our day and future to develop, but it’s a start.

"Your very early ancestors would not comprehend that their offspring could be loved unconditionally despite their misbehaviors. Offspring needed to fall in line with the rules, the mores, the laws of the family, the clan and the tribe, in order to be accepted and perhaps loved, and this is the evolutionary trend that you witness still today.

"As your brother (Midwayer Chief, Bzutu) referred to earlier; many on your world are being confronted with the need to totally accept the difficult position of having to extend the Creator-Send Unconditional Love towards the family, the clan, the tribes and nations that are not accepting of the mores and behavior patterns that are for the good of all.

"We, midwayers, each deal with just one individual at the time, but we are sure to overcome the human limitations in just loving only those who will go along with us, in respecting only those who are of similar mind, in admiring only those who will rigidly follow the rules, the prescriptions and the mores of the extended clan.

"We midwayers reach out to the Creator Almighty and ask him for His Unconditional Love, for us to pass this Love on to all. This is the measure, the yardstick of our spiritual progress. It is also that of yours, as you pass His Love on to the God-led, as well as to those who are misguided in the extreme.

"This is Sharmon."

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