Alabama, US of A, October 10, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “All is Well.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “How many times in your life have you experienced anxiety about situations that seem bad or even desperate? However, you are still here and frequently have experienced that, in the end, everything is always resolved. What many fail to grasp is that most of these ‘resolutions’ happen internally, within each person’s consciousness.

“It does not matter how great a tragedy appears to be, with time the negative impact of this event often can be minimized or even completely overcome. Obviously, the tragedy does not vanish, but the way in which the occurrence affects you does change. Sooner or later, you decide to accept what you cannot change and to begin to trust again in the fact that all will be well in the end. This is the natural faith in human beings, always searching the horizon for better times.

“For those who let themselves be illuminated by their Spiritual Being, the occurrences of life do not affect them too much, because they have accepted that the will of the Father will prevail in the end, and that this will is the way with more love and goodness for all beings. This is the source of true and lasting peace which is always expressed in lives that are inspired by faith and motivated by the impulse to worship the Father in heaven – the desire to be increasingly more like God.

“If the situation you live today causes you anxiety, remember you have gone through similar events in the past and in the end everything was good. Remember that you are not alone in this life experience and that you can count on abundant spiritual help, centralized in the presence of the Father within your own being. God himself is taking care of your affairs and He wishes to guide you to overcome all obstacles. It is up to you to take advantage of this great resource that has always been inside of you.

“And if everything is going well, be grateful to the One who from behind the curtain has helped you to overcome everything. In addition, do not fear for the things that may happen. Fear is always a negative reaction of anticipation about things that may never happen. It is like investing all your money to buy expensive coats to protect you from glacial temperatures while you live in a tropical island. It makes no sense, it is a waste of resources, and it does nothing to improve your current situation. In fact, fear does precisely the opposite. It distracts you, affecting your ability the think clearly and calmly about how to solve your problems.

“A life consecrated to the purpose of being better every day – to live the will of the Father – is a life filled with hope, inspiration, and free of fear, since you would start living as if you were already in the presence of the Father, enjoying His care, His guidance, and His help. Even though this is already a fact in every moment but it is only through your own experience and personal search that this fact becomes a reality in your life.”

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