Alabama, US of A, October 9, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “An Expression of His Will.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “A true religious experience is always personal and subjected to the interpretation of the personality who experiences it. The individuality of spiritual experience makes it difficult to transmit and explain to others the increasing certainty experienced by honest searchers about the presence of the Father and His unconditional love for His children in creation.

“A religious experience can only be demonstrated to others by the fruits of spirit. Human parents can declare their love for their children but those who hear this declaration have no reason to believe in its veracity. Just being a biological parent is not a guarantee of true affection and many in this world have painfully experienced this. However, when you observe how a father and a mother work with great dedication and with no self-interest to ensure their children have everything they need to grow and become useful citizens for civilization, sometimes sacrificing their own pleasures or benefits, you cannot reach any other conclusion except that these parents truly love their children.

“Similarly, those who sincerely consider other human beings as their equals, their siblings, and their study partners in the school of perfection, are demonstrating that they know the fact of the paternity of God and see themselves as members of a universal family. Those who live a life filled with peace regardless of the things that happen in the world and transmit this peace to all who cross their path, have discovered that the universe is a friendly place where everyone has an opportunity to grow and the only rule is the love of God. Those who strike a personal balance between their different material and spiritual tendencies, have understood they have to live in this world without being of this world. Only personal spiritual revelation can provide the certainty that promotes the appearance of the fruits of spirit. Even if these mortals who live a true life of spiritual progress cannot express intellectually the existence of God, they have already discovered Him in their experience, to such degree that their decisions and actions have been forever altered and elevated to be closer to the divine will.

“If you say you believe, but you don’t observe in your life the effort to be better and be closer to the ideals in which you believe, this belief is then purely intellectual. But some who still doubt and do not dare tell others that they are truly the children of the same universal Father, have such faith that they change their lives and start to become the ideal they have of this Father. This progressive transformation is the path to perfection, that will eventually bring you to become like God – becoming an expression of His will for the entire Creation.”

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