Oregon, USA, November 28, 2020.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Inject Your Life with the Plasma of Truth”.

Message received by Anyas.

“Static truth is dead truth, and only dead truth can be held as a theory. Living truth is dynamic and can enjoy only an experiential existence in the human mind.” [UB 180:5.2]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us flesh out the above statement. First of all, the truth has to be applicable, as it pertains to all-that-is — never to all-that-is-not. One could also say that lies are ‘butchered’ truth. They conspire to extinguish lighthouses of guiding truth to render it as elusive as the metaphoric needle hidden in a giant haystack of deception. In the legal discovery process, opposing parties often tactically bury 'damning' evidence in an overload of irrelevant documents.

“What good does theoretical truth do if it finds no practical application in your daily living, especially to the part related to your soul's healthy development? Your soul's destiny is to fully embody divine truth, as it is upon such an unshakable foundation that your relationship with the Divine will thrive and be eternally sustainable.

“The medical field has acquired much knowledge by performing post mortem examinations in the form of autopsies. Such forensic explorations allowed them to map out the human body's inner anatomy and complex cellular chemistry, as well as to accurately determine the cause of death. Yet they will never succeed in breathing new life in these now still lives.

“Living truth belongs to a category of excellence. It is infused in the divine life force, resonating within the mind, heart, and soul of those who look for it, understanding that it provides them with the best means to lead a successful life that will yield the many fruits of Spirit.

“When shared with others, such a truth acts as the tiny spark that sets many matches afire, spreading its shadowless light. When acted upon, it upgrades your existential experience, as it fertilizes your mind, connecting many dots, thus shedding new light on your decisional predicament — no longer requiring you to take uncertain shots in the dark.

“Shared experiential truth debunks faulty theories. It is felt at the soul level where it sets down deep roots of wisdom.”

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