Alabama, US of A, October 8, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Greater Happiness.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Sometimes mortals stop to think about what they have done with their lives and realize that few things of value have been achieved. Many face this ‘middle-age crisis’ by starting to come up with projects that aim to get more material accolades for the ego. Very few stop to consider what could give them a true satisfaction that will lead them to consider their lives as successful.

“It would be wise for them to remember at this juncture the reason why they have come to this world, the reason for this experience in a material world. First, you should consider that this life is just the first step of a potentially infinite existence. As a first step, this life is about training and learning to prepare you for the demands of your future existence, where you will have to assume the responsibilities of a more mature life that is progressively closer to spiritual maturity. Therefore, it is now when you should make the necessary adjustments to function more effectively in this future existence.

“However, all the effort you make to be better prepared for that future life will certainly benefit you in this life as well – improving the relationships with your peers, providing you with lasting peace, and filling your life with hope and inspiration to move forward regardless of what happens around you, all this as the result of cultivating a relationship of friendship and affection with your Father in heaven. This way, the work you do to better understand the will of the Father and your purpose in creation will translate into a life lived with purpose and directed toward a higher goal.

“Leave behind, once and for all, the goals of the ego and the mindless search for immediate satisfaction. Start cultivating the maturity of your soul and consider instead the goals of eternal value. What if you decide that the main project for your life should be achieving self-mastery – the complete control of your self – in order to achieve total harmony with the will of your Father? This is a big goal, apparently so removed from your present state, but each step you take toward this goal will bring you closer to perfection and will give you true and lasting satisfaction.

“Better yet, those who are dedicated to the honorable task to become increasingly more like God, find a new inspiration to live that turn their monotonous lives of senseless wants into adventures of attaining increasingly higher goals and permanent transformations that reveal to them a universe of increasing beauty and goodness. And this is a task that everyone can attempt, without limitations due to culture, background, and intellectual or material resources. This is where the human will finds its maximum expression of freedom, overcoming all material limitations to achieve an increasingly complete manifestation of its purpose. And this is what will bring you lasting and greater happiness.”

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