Alabama, US of A, February 4, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Prayer.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “When you pray for others you are expressing your intentions toward them. If your intent is good, if you ask for their spiritual progress, and for the benefit of all, your intentions are in harmony with the will of the Father. Then, ‘when the desires of the child are in harmony with the will of the Father, the desired thing will exist.’ Express your desires about the things you want to manifest in the world. Your good wishes will not fall on deaf ears. Your desire may well be the catalyst that activates a complex network of events that will combine to achieve what you desire. Most people in this world have no idea of the power that prayer has to mobilize the celestial battalions and the divine directives upon this world.

“You could ask why such power has not been able to make bigger changes in this world. You were isolated for a long time and only since a little over 25 years the circuits have started to open again. Now is the time of great miracles and great transformations which you can achieve by your collective faith and your will to improve your spiritual life and this sphere in general. However, even today very few really pray, limiting themselves to asking for material goods for themselves, or for their immediate relatives. Many neither pray, nor have any faith at all. Don’t let this prevent you from realizing the powerful influence you can have! Keep praying for what you want to see in the world. You will always be heard.

“Activate your faith and remember how Michael, living as a simple human being, achieved great things through intelligent payers filled with faith. Even now being the sovereign ruler of this universe He still prays for this world and all others in His creation. He knows that where His personal power ends, the power of the Father begins and whatever the Son can’t achieve, His Father can.

“How many will pray today with faith for their fellow human beings, even for those not personally known? How many pray for their enemies or for those who are not their friends? Imagine if one day all of you decided to pray for the ending of selfishness and poverty, or for a real and lasting peace! When the majority of the population prays for these things, you will make them possible, because you will be showing unity of purpose that will route your actions to achieve what you desire. This unity of purpose does not exist yet, but the few who pray can prepare the ground for this to happen. Never forget that your prayers are always heard, and when they are in harmony with the will of the Father the only possible outcome of these prayers is for them to manifest in reality.

“When you pray for others to grow spiritually and see the light, you are expressing your love toward your peers and what you desire for others will manifest in you. Our Father would not give peace to your siblings by taking away yours. He pours His blessings and His love universally upon all. Prayer can transform you even when you don’t ask for yourself. Those who pray for peace with faith and conviction will certainly not concern themselves with promoting war. Those who pray for love among people will not surrender to hatred and mistrust.”

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