Alabama, US of A, October 2, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Of Individuals and Groups”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “In these times your society needs to reconsider the value of a human life. The great diversity in personalities that inhabit this world and the almost endless differences in the talents, skills, and minds of human beings makes it confusing for some to accept the equality and the value of each original personality. You have to consider life by focusing on the individual first and then in the group.

“This individual focus should not be interpreted as an excuse to satisfy the selfish and basest human impulses. The focus we propose is an effort to elevate the quality of the spiritual life of each person, one by one. It is there – in your personal life – where each one of you should focus your intellectual, moral, and even your physical resources to start working for your spiritual progress. When you work toward this goal the results will inevitably benefit the group and humankind as a whole.

“Civilizations do not become great by their collective achievements. The intellectual, moral, and spiritual level of a civilization is based on the individual greatness of its members. Great collective achievements become possible only when most of the individuals in a group strive to express the best of themselves. When you look at the great civilizations of the past you may notice the presence of some remarkable individuals. The Greek civilization produced a Plato. The Roman civilization produced a Virgil. The Victorian civilization produced a Darwin. Each civilization has some outstanding individuals and this gives you the false impression that only these special individuals are required to promote achievements, ideas, or advances.

“However, this is a fallacy. These individuals that fill the pages of your history were supported by others of similar or higher quality. These famous individuals were the result of the influence of those around them and they owe a lot to their parents, their teachers, and their peers of the time in which they lived. The great advances of a society are only possible when most of its members work to make them possible, even if this work is, in appearance, intended to elevate the quality of the individual spiritual life and it remains unknown to the masses.

“Today, when you strive to elevate your thinking to spiritual levels and to make your own life an increasingly faithful expression of the goodness, beauty, and truth inspired by the presence of God within you, you can be sure that the benefits will not only be for you. Being better each day is the best you can do for the benefit of your world and the entire universe. And this supreme consecration to the will of God is possible wherever you may be upon this planet, in whatever situation you are living, inside every culture, nation, or social group where you find yourself. This is why the human life of each inhabitant of this world should be appreciated by its true value, because each life has the potential to be one more impulse toward the establishment of an age of light and life in this world.”

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