Alabama, US of A, October 1, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “One Step Closer.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The will that directs the entire creation – the will of the Father – is in Me, your Thought Adjuster, and it seeks to express itself through you. When you rise your thoughts to My level, this combination of wills takes place and the will of the Creator subjected to the will of the creature is expressed.

“This is how God and human beings manage to work together. A human being has to improve a lot. He or she has to struggle for a long time to reach the goal of perfection in order to become closer to the level in which his or her will can serve as a means of expression for the divine will. Then, a creature is able to use her creative power to take charge of the tasks the Father has entrusted her – the purpose of life. This is how a creature can find true and complete satisfaction of her deepest desires, by achieving harmony of purpose and intention in all the adventures undertaken through eternity.

“When do you feel happier and more satisfied? When you discover you can do something with a high level of excellence, dexterity, and productivity, while at the same time realizing that the thing you do is valuable for yourself and others, something that is positive for the world. In your world, many have the idea that happiness is manifested during idleness, like when you are resting in some beach doing nothing. Rest is necessary, but true happiness implies action, movement, and progress. Some of you have discovered that when you are focused in your labors everything seems to be in harmony, your energies flow through the right channels and your creativity reaches its highest levels. In these moments you can do great things, experiencing the creative satisfaction of seeing your projects coming to fruition. It is in these moments when you are channeling the love of the Father to transform it into something good for your world and your peers. It is in these moments that you experience true satisfaction, because in that instant you have found your purpose and the flow of energy that is manifested in your world through your being fills you with vitality and provides you with a sensation of well-being.

“Those who manage to work this way do not experience tiredness or boredom. Their efforts are inspired by the passion of achievement and reinforced by the satisfaction experienced during the performance of the work and then by contemplating the results. When you find the inspiration to do something where truth, beauty, and goodness are combined with the intention to express something new, something good for your world, you are truly doing what the Father desires for you to do for your peers, and you will experience the delight of being one more worker establishing the will of the Father in the universe, bringing the entire creation one step closer to perfection as a citizen of the universe.”

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