I Am Always Aware of You

Chicago, US of A, December 16, 2015.
Teacher: Urantia, our Planetary Supreme (Gaia).
Subject: “I Am Always Aware of You.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Urantia: “We spent a season without talking to each other. My presence wasn’t in your consciousness, but you and your life are always before me. I receive all life emanations of this planet and I process them into my own being; I was always aware of your life and of your conduct for all these months that we did not speak.

“I see you as part of a whole, not in isolation, but linked to all life on this planet. To me the whole planet looks like a network of luminous spots, some brighter than others. And when I focus on a certain place, even a minute one like a household, I can see those primary links that unite people. I see your primary links and how they stretch as you move, some brighter than others, some stronger than others, but I see how your individuality is linked to all others, because you are part of the whole.

“Everything you do has consequences not only for you, but also for others. Everything you do affects in a positive or negative way all those immediately and remotely linked to you. These influences are sometimes indirect, almost imperceptible, but they are real. You and everyone else are one immense net of life on this planet.

“I envelop Urantia with my receptive capacity for all that is truthful, good and beautiful. All spiritual energy that comes from the practice of these values I have drawn to me by synthesization and this feeds my growth in this sphere as its Supreme Planetary Deity. I am evolving as you are evolving. I am utterly identified with the spiritual energy of this planet that comes from life.

“I am the assurance that your spiritual growth is at your disposition always when you need it. I can minister it back to you, only limited by your capacity to receive, but enhanced by the multitudinous contributions of others, so producing your individual advancement. I am the repository of all possibility of spiritual growth on this planet. Even the morontia and spiritual beings that come to this sphere to minister immediately receive from my spirit energy to themselves.

“I am also the karma dynamic to all life on the planet, all goodness, truth and beauty. I absorb and send back multiplied, but all evil, falsehood and contempt, I simply reflect back to you. Each one receives that which he or she gives, even if the state of mind that first produced it has changed. If it changes, you deal with it according to your presently receptivity — positively or negatively. Keep your life enlightened and light will shine; let evil install itself in your heart and evil will darken you.

“I am always aware of you on this planet. I depend on it for my own evolutionary spiritual growth. You are as important as any other and I am vital to the growth of all, yet you cannot take from me what you didn’t give me in the first place. Give me more and I will give you more.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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