The Greatest Miracle

Alabama, US of A, August 30, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Greatest Miracle.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Sometimes, things that you tolerated before now show their lack of truth, beauty, and goodness, in contrast to the things that, as a being who is awakening to spirituality, you want to incorporate into your life. You will start to discriminate the kinds of thoughts you entertain in your mind. Only when your mind is consecrated to be a temple of truth, beauty, and goodness, the age of light and life will truly arrive in your life.

“For all creatures, this is a process of continuous effort – sustained self-examination. It is difficult for most human beings to break overnight the habits of a lifetime and the results of social and cultural indoctrination. It is a slow process of independence where you move beyond groupthink – the need to comply with what the majority considers adequate – and start to think independently.

“However, occasionally you will experience some moments of enlightenment and peace when you realize that you are living a rich life. While you do what is necessary to be better, you should realize that you are achieving the goal of your existence and increasingly harmonizing your will with the will of the Father. You are not perfect yet, but you are working to achieve perfection, and this means that you are doing with your life what the Father desires for you.

“From time to time, stop and consider your efforts and your achievements, and be grateful for the opportunity to live a life in this world, a life that will be the foundation of a higher and more beautiful life on the path towards the presence of God. Do not let the illusions and the confusion of the false human needs rob you the satisfaction of knowing that all those who strive to overcome their limitations and become a higher and more beautiful expression of themselves are truly engaged in the most noble and important human task, one that will produce personal benefits for each creature and will also be a contribution for the entire creation.

“Remember from time to time the value of the human life you live, a life of discovery and faith, aimed to achieve the greatest miracle in the universes: to transform a creature, born in time-space, into an eternal being, transforming an almost animal being into a spirit in the likeness of God, thanks to your willingness to be better every day and to do the will of your Father in heaven.”

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